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A cookie is a small file that is stored locally as soon as a website is being visited. Cookies function by saving particular sets of data, such as your language selection or preferred products. Should you revisit the site at a later point in time, a cookie will transmit this data back to the website. This way, certain aspects of a website will adapt to the individual preferences of a user. The greater the amount of data collected by a cookie is, the more we can personalize our product to your liking.

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In case you have chosen to block cookies in your browser settings, you might experience a decreased level of functionality on our site. This includes your login information, namely your username and password, not being stored, requiring you to re-enter it each time you return. Should you want to change your cookie preferences, you can do so within your browser settings. Your browser allows you to specifically allow cookies for Should you wish to learn more about cookies, please visit