Everybody knows that FIFA is one of the biggest video games around, but did you know that you can also take a bet on this sports simulation at esportsbetting.com?

Just like you can take a bet on popular esports titles like League of Legends, CS:GO and Dota 2, you can now win money just by betting on the best players in this iconic game from EA Sports.

Moreover, there are plenty of top matches to choose from, but it’s usually the FIFA Interactive World Cup that attracts the best players. This yearly event always provides plenty of top-level gaming action for you to bet on, and you will get the best odds for this esporting extravaganza at esportsbetting.com. So that whether you want to bet on which team scores first in a particular match, or who wins the overall tournament, you can be sure of plenty of great betting markets at esportsbetting.com that will give you all of the options that you would find at a traditional football match.

And whilst there is no doubting the fact that it’s great fun to play the FIFA video game, it’s certainly better if you can take a bet on it too!


Ever since the official FIFA video game first came on the scene in 1993, it’s managed to be one of the best sports simulations around – and is an increasingly popular choice for bettors.

Regardless of whether it was played on a PC, or a console like the Xbox or PlayStation, players could be guaranteed that this was the closest that they could get to the playing the real thing – and that’s largely what makes the game so exciting to bet on.

The ideal betting experience for football fans

Thanks to the official licensing from football’s governing body, the FIFA games have enjoyed having exclusively licensed leagues and teams. And regardless of whether you were playing in the UK Premier League or the German Bundesliga, you could enjoy the way that EA Sports have managed to recreate a good likeness of many top players in the game. This means that football fans have a great edge when it comes to betting on FIFA.

The most recent edition of the game, FIFA 18, has already become a must-have game for all serious football fans, and it looks like it could follow up the incredible sales records of FIFA 17 to become the biggest console game of the year.

And with key upgrades on features like The Journey and the FIFA Ultimate Team, it certainly gives us a perfect opportunity to take a bet on this fascinating sports simulation.


Although you can bet on FIFA much as you might bet on other esports, it’s important to remember that this is pretty different from the standard multiplayer battle arena option.

The first major difference is that you’ll be betting on individual players rather than whole teams. Whilst team play is a big part of esports like CS:GO and World of Tanks, it’s an individual’s efforts that you’ll be focusing on when you take a bet on FIFA.

This can help to make your betting options a little simpler to understand, and it’s easy to follow an individual player’s progress throughout the whole of a competition like the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

More betting options

However it’s important to remember that each player’s overall result can be factored into their nation’s medal count. So you can also use esportsbetting.com take a bet on whether an English, Dutch, or even Mexican player ends up picking up that coveted gold medal.

But although there are many differences between this sports simulation and other more imaginative esports options, it’s always the central concept of backing a winner that should guide your betting strategies.


The great thing about using esportsbetting.com to bet on FIFA is that we offer you a great selection of markets that are similar to what you could find if you were betting on a top level football match.

Whether you are betting on which nation eventually wins the FIFA Interactive World Cup that year, or taking a wager on who scores first in a given match, then you will find that we’ll give you plenty of options to choose from.


Anybody who has ever bet on a real football match will know that you can bet on everything from the correct result of the whole match, the half-time score, or even if a team gets a clean sheet, and you can expect to find a similar selection of betting markets for FIFA at esportsbetting.com.

We’ll also give you the chance to do some outright bets on the overall results of individual FIFA competitions. From an outright bet on the FIFA Interactive World Cup to options on the ESL Play FIFA tournament, you’ll have no shortage of great betting markets. And with plenty of great promotions being introduced for key FIFA tournaments, there will be plenty to bet on at esportsbetting.com.

1Just like betting on a real football match;
2Plenty of great betting markets;
3Quick games give you faster winnings.


If you’re new to esports betting, then FIFA is a great option for you. Most of us will have taken a wager on a football match at some point, and so it’s clear that betting on FIFA is an easier alternative than some of the other esports on offer. Whilst it can take a little while to get used to the rules and gameplay of titles like StarCraft and Hearthstone, it’s easy to get straight into the action of FIFA and lay down your bet with confidence.

Find out if you’ve won your bet in record time

But one great reason as to why you should bet on FIFA rather than a standard game of football is that the esport matches are over in just fifteen minutes, which gives you a much faster turnaround on your bet than having to wait a full hour and a half. And although traditional football matches tend to bring up the same winning teams each year, things move much more quickly in the world of esports and this fact can give you some great betting options.

With the final stages of the FIFA Interactive World Cup featuring the best 32 players in the world out of over two million players, it shows how this esport is capable of providing plenty of upsets for some great payouts.


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So how did FIFA manage to make the journey from being a standard console sports simulator to become one of the most exciting esports betting options around?

A quick look over the video game’s 24-year history shows that it has always aimed to deliver sports fans a realistic simulation of the beautiful game. The first FIFA International Soccer game in 1993 dazzled gaming fans through featured an isometric view that was similar to how we watch a football match on the television, and this desire for realism has introduced many other great features. From the incredible graphics that are able to simulate the flickering of the corner flags in the breeze, to the introduction of celebrity football pundits who commentate on the action, it’s like an entire world of football for the player to enjoy.

More exciting than standard football betting

The standard of gaming at FIFA has also been improved ever since EA Sports introduced some fascinating changes in how the computer opposition could mimic human intelligence to produce a tougher, and more unpredictable challenge.

And ever since EA Sports introduced the incredible Ultimate Team feature that enables players to build their own squads, it’s entered a new phase of realism and popularity that has reached its peak through The Journey mode that allows gamers to follow the story of a young footballer as he aims to work his way up to the top of the Premier League. And with millions of people all over the world now being able to play as their favourite footballing stars for the best teams on the planet, there’s no better time to come to esportsbetting.com and take a bet on this iconic esport.


Whilst the traditional game of football has no shortage of analysis and opinion in mainstream media, if you’re looking for further information about how to bet on FIFA, you’re going to have to dig a little deeper.

But thankfully the Reddit section on FIFA can give you plenty of insight into who the best players of the game are at the moment so that you can get a better chance of a winning bet.

Although you will inevitably have to scroll past all of the posts from users seeking advice on how to improve their FIFA skills, it’s a great resource for anybody who is looking for tips about any big upcoming FIFA tournament.

Find out about all the latest and greatest FIFA tournaments

Obviously, it’s the FIFA Interactive World Cup that gets the biggest amount of attention as millions of FIFA players aim to become the world’s greatest. But it’s also worthwhile seeing how other FIFA tournaments like the one at ESL Play get covered at Reddit so that you can pick up some tips about which players to bet on.

As Reddit contains user-generated posts, there is no guarantee that the information you will receive will necessarily be top quality.

But if you want a good indication on which FIFA players are performing at their top of their game, and how changes to tournament rules could affect your betting at esportsbetting.com, it’s clear that Reddit is a great place to do some research.


So you’ve decided to take the plunge and place a bet on FIFA. But who are the key players to keep an eye on in this fascinating esport? Whilst the video game doesn’t produce the level of consistency in its winners that you can find in the real game of football, it’s always a good idea to look back on the form of past winners to see if they can once again produce a winning result.

2017 saw Spencer Ealing managing to pick up the gold medal at the FIFA Interactive World Cup, and his exceptional FIFA gameplay helped the English team join France at the top of the rankings for this esport.

French FIFA players have historically performed well in esports tournaments with the legendary gamer, Bruce Grannec, appearing in no less three finals. It’s also always worth keeping an eye on the Danish side as they have managed to get two gold medals in the past four years thanks to the impressive goalscoring achievements of Mohamad Al-Bacha and August Rosenmeier.

Outsiders worth betting on?

But the great thing about betting on FIFA at esportsbetting.com is that there is always the chance that an outsider could end up winning a top-level esports tournament.

Few people would have expected a Saudi Arabian player to pick up the accolade of best FIFA player in the world, but that’s exactly what happened in 2015 when Abdulaziz Alshehri managed to shock the world and provide some lucky punters with some very handy winnings!


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