Betting on esports has become one of the most popular hobbies around in recent times – thousands of people around the world are getting involved in all the major games. 

Here at we’re one of the premier esports betting sites that cater for those who like to place a wager on games such as Dota 2, StarCraft II, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty, PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds, Rocket League, World of Tanks, Street Fighter and FIFA.

League of Legends betting is especially popular because this is a game that is often considered the most played and watched esport in the world.

This means that there is a huge range of competitions and events across a wide range of countries, with very large amounts of money at stake.


League of Legends was introduced by gaming software experts Riot Games in autumn 2009, and has remained at the top of the esports industry ever since. Millions of people play the game from the United States, throughout Europe and across Asia – and many of these players are professional gamers. 

The professionals are formed into small teams that enter into a range of major competitions and tournaments around the world, often competing for very large prize pools worth thousands or even millions.

League of Legends involves teams of gamers entering an alternative world, where the stage is set for battle. The creators of the game took inspiration from a previous game, known as Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Mod, Defence of the Ancients.


Each player adopts the responsibility of being a ‘Summoner’. This ‘Summoner’ decides on the actions of a ‘Champion’, who has been chosen for his own unique attributes. 

The fighting that takes place occurs both between LoL teams and enemy forces that are a pre-determined part of the game (and controlled by computers).

You can’t place a bet on LoL without knowing about the main aim of the game. 

Each team has their own ‘Nexus’, which is a structure that offers them protection. The purpose of the various battles that are fought throughout the game is to eliminate the opposing team’s ‘Nexus’.

The most exciting way to bet

If you’re thinking of giving League of Legends esports a go, it’s worth knowing that it’s an exciting game to watch.

The individual members of each team begin battle as relatively weak, but get stronger as time goes on through their battle experiences and collection of important items.

This means that predicting what’s going to happen for the purposes of LoL betting is much more interesting than general sports betting like football or horse racing.


When it comes to LoL betting, there’s no better way to immerse yourself in the action than watching the games unfold live.

Here at, we offer live streaming of all the most exciting League of Legends esports events – and there are a lot of them!

You wouldn’t bet on a football match without bothering to watch it live, so why would you do that when it comes to the even more hotly anticipated League of Legends tournaments?

Become an expert

Watching the games live is a great idea whether you are a lol betting expert, or you’re a newbie when it comes to League of Legends betting – but especially if you are just starting out.

There is no substitute for watching the games taking place in real time when it comes to developing a good understanding of the game, the teams and the players within them.

Live streaming means you can become quite knowledgeable in a relatively short period of time – and that means more potential when it comes to LoL betting. Live streaming of the game could be your key to making lots of cash from your League of Legends betting, almost right from the start!


Because there are so many League of Legends esports events taking place throughout the year, there is a wide range of teams to choose from. This makes LoL betting that bit more interesting and unpredictable – and means that even punters who are placing their first bet on LoL could be lucky and end up with an impressive payout. Check out our rundown of our top 10 LoL teams, so that when the time comes to place your winning bet on LoL – you’re good to go!

1. SKT T1

This team is a great choice if you’re thinking of placing a bet on LoL, as whichever competition or event you are getting into – there’s an excellent chance that these guys will take home the top prize. SKT T1 was formed in South Korea in 2012, and has gone on to enjoy a number of major successes since then. 

In 2016, they were the victors of the IEM X World Championship after defeating FNatic. During the LCK Spring Split, their star began to fall a little as they got third place in the regular split – but SK T1 stormed their way back to the top by winning the whole event with a result of 3-1 against ROX Tigers. Not content with that, the team went on to win the 2016 Mid Season Invitational and the World Championship in the same year.

2. Flash Wolves

Flash Wolves, one of a few notable Taiwanese LoL teams, was formed relatively recently – in 2015. Despite being a new team compared to some others in the industry, Flash Wolves are considered a powerful force in League of Legends. Consequently, the team is often chosen by savvy punters on betting sites for a bet on LoL that is considered a pretty sure one. 

If you can get decent odds for your Legends betting on Flash Wolves, you can make a fair bit of money. 2017 has already resulted in a raft of successes for this team: they scooped first prize at the LMS Spring Playoffs, the Spring Split and the IEM Season XI Championship.

3. World Elite

World Elite is a Chinese team that was formed in 2011, and has become a popular choice for those who like to bet on LoL. In 2015, they were considered outsiders in the LPL Spring Split – but achieved a respectable second place. In 2017, World Elite climbed right to the top once more, allowing those who chose to place a bet on them in the LPL Spring Playoffs and the LPL Spring Split Group B to clean up – as the team grabbed first place in both events. 

World Elite are worth watching when it comes to esports betting, and are considered a serious contender throughout the LoL League.

4. Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy is a Legends LoL team that hails from South Korea. It is part of KeSPA, and was created in 2013. After a relatively shaky start, this team has become stronger and more skilled, and is now thought of as a major player when it comes to betting on League of Legends. When Samsung Galaxy competed in the 2016 LCS Spring Split, they earned a disappointing sixth place. 

By the time the Summer Split came around in that same year, the team moved up two places to fourth position. This is a group that is a little riskier to bet on that teams like SK T1, Flash Wolves and World Elite – but because of that, you should be able to access pretty good odds. If you do win, that means you’re going to be picking up a very impressive payout.

5. G2 Esports LoL

This is a team that is European-based, and it was formed in 2014. As well as being a formidable presence within the world of esports, and a group that can be an excellent choice for League of Legends bettors – G2 Esports LoL has attracted considerable sponsorship as well as establishing an impressive social media presence. They have yet to make an impact for 2017 in terms of the big tournaments, but if their history is anything to go by – they could well be worth betting on. In 2016, the team gained first place in the EU LCS Spring Split, and the EU LCS Summer Split. The game-plan of G2 Esports LoL is a little different from other League of Legends teams: the focus is on discovering the weaknesses and strengths of the enemy in order to defeat them – rather than going for victory by strategizing about the game itself. This makes the team an interesting choice for betting, and one that could prove lucrative.

6. Team Solomid

Team Solomid started out in 2011, and is a North American League of Legends team. In 2014, they came second in the NA LCS Spring Playoffs, and moved right to the top when the summer came around that year: they got first place in the NA LCS Spring Playoffs. 2015 was another successful year for both the Summer and Spring Playoffs in North America, with Team Solomid earning first place in both events. 

In 2016, they’ve enjoyed similar success in both competitions again – so Team Solomid could be a great choice if you’re wanting to make some money out of betting on League of Legends.

7. Edward Gaming

The Edward Gaming League of Legends team was formed in September 2013, and it is based in China. The first roster featured memorable players such as: U, NaMei, fzzf, ClearLove and koro1. Any punters betting on them in 2014 came away with decent wins, as Edward Gaming achieved a string of first places. 

These positions were gained in the following competitions in 2014: the International Esports Tournament; the LPL Spring Playoffs; the LPL Summer Regular Season; the LPL Summer Playoffs; the Season China Regional Finals; the X Championship Season 1; the Demacia Cup Season 2; and the G-League 2014.

8. Ahq esports club

The ahq esports club is one of the biggest players in terms of League of Legends, especially in their home country of Taiwan. 

They have achieved several victories in the GPL Championship, and are determined to become the best in the industry. The group got together in September 2012, and have grown in skill and confidence ever since. 

In 2015, the ahq esports club gained a respectable 3rd-4th place in the Mid-Season Invitational, and they have been honing their professional gaming abilities since then. A possible outsider that could result in a good payoff for savvy gamblers.

9. KT Rolster

KT Rolster is a South Korean team that was created in 1999, and started out as a professional Starcraft group. In 2016, they were awarded 5th to 8th place in the LoL KeSPA Cup. During the same year, KT Rolster came 2nd in the LCK Summer Playoffs, and 3rd in the LCK Summer Split. This is a team that is yet to reach the very top of the professional League of Legends gaming world – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth keeping an eye on when it comes to future tournaments and big competitions. 

You could lose your stake if you bet on KT Rolster, but you could also take away lots of cash if you’ve chosen carefully.

10. Cloud9

Cloud9 is a popular League of Legends team that is based in the north of the United States. Created in December 2012, they gained 3rd place in both the SoloMid NA Invitational 12 and the National ESL Premier League V in 2013. The group went from strength to strength over the years, and won 2nd place at the NA LCS Summer Playoffs in 2016. Will Cloud9 be the team that generates your winning League of Legends bet?

League of Legends competitions to bet on

If you want to earn some cash by betting on League of Legends events, you need to know which competitions you should be watching out for. Here is our handy guide to all the League of Legends tournaments that take place throughout the course of each year – all of which are at the top tier for professional gaming, making them very exciting events for bettors.     

  • North America League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS)

This competition takes place in Los Angeles, and was first held in 2013. It usually kicks off around spring time of each year.

  • European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS)

The European side of the LCS is situated in Berlin, and it is hotly anticipated. Both the NA LCS and the EU LCS take place during spring and summer of each year.

  • League of Legends Champions Korea

This competition started running in 2012, and is now one of the biggest and most watched League of Legends events. The action takes place in Seoul, where a total of 10 teams battle it out for first place.

  • League of Legends Pro League

The League of Legends Pro League, or LPL, is the highest level League of Legends competition in China – so well worth placing a bet on. There are 12 top professional teams playing in this event, so there are lots of options when it comes to choosing who you should bet on.

  • League of Legends Master Series

Like the other major tournaments, the League of Legends Master Series has two seasons. The competition takes place during both spring and summer in Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong. It was founded in 2014, and remains a popular choice for esports fans

  • Garena Premier League (GPL)

The GPL is a South East Asian League of Legends tournament that was formed in 2012. 16 teams are invited to battle it out in the GPL, so you have lots of choice when it comes to deciding who to put your money on!

  • Campeonato Brasiliero de League of Legends

As the name suggests, CBLoL is an event that takes place in Brazil. It features two seasons: one that runs from January to April, and a second that takes place between May and August. The team who wins the second stage of this tournament is allowed entry into the International Wildcard Qualifier, which guarantees a place in the World Championship.

  • Latin America Cup

This League of Legends tournament is divided into North and South, and both are a separate series of competitions. The Latin America Cup North is played in Mexico, and its counterpart is fought by pro gamers in various locations.

  • League of Legends Japan League (LJL)

Professional League of Legends teams have been taking part in the LJL since 2014. Worth watching out for, as an intelligent bet on the right group could help you to win lots of cash.

  • League of Legends Continental League (LCL)

This takes place in Moscow each year, and there is a lot of profit to be made by betting on competitions within the LCL.


There are several ways that you can bet on LoL for all the big events. The first, and most popular way to wager on these competitions – is betting on your favourite team to win a game. You can also bet on the team you think will be victorious at the various different stages of the tournament, and on who will be the outright winner once the finals have been completed. 

Much more than standard betting

As well as betting on teams to win, it is also possible to bet by predicting various kinds of action throughout the games. For example, you can put money on the team you think will achieve ‘First Blood’, ‘Baron Nashor’ or ‘Pentakill’. These additional betting options mean that getting involved in League of Legends is much more interesting than many other more traditional forms of putting your money on an event. The extra options also mean that there are even more opportunities for you to win some cash, even if it’s your first game!



League of Legends is the most watched and played esport in the world. Betting on the game has become the pastime of choice for thousands over the past few years – and many punters are making serious money from doing so.

You can do the same, by understanding the game and the teams to look out for.

Use your knowledge to make predictions of what will happen during all the top LoL events, tournaments and competitions – then sit back and enjoy the money-making action via live streaming!