Overwatch Betting is increasing in popularity, as the game continues in its development thanks to Blizzard Entertainment ongoing releases: patch notes, new Heroes, League foundation and much more. Fans, players, and esports bettors are reaping the benefits from an ever-growing Overwatch community.


On our dedicated Overwatch page you’ll find betting markets for the latest events and tournaments. Whether you’re looking for odds on the Overwatch World Cup or the ESL International, you’ve found the right place. 

Three reasons to bet on Overwatch:

  • Fast action first-person shooter (FPS) providing plenty of excitement;
  • A wide range of teams and players to bet on;
  • Huge international tournaments offering a variety of markets.


Overwatch is multiplayer first-person shooter video game, which is becoming increasingly popular, both amongst recreational players and professionals on the competitive esports circuit. Overwatch matches are attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators for online streams, despite only being released in May 2016. 

The game’s developers, Blizzard, wanted to design a game which incorporated elements of first-person shooters with elements from multi-player online battle arena (MOBA) games. This was intended as a response to the fact that many MOBA players were also turning their attention to first-person shooter games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Was Overwatch ever destined to become an esport?

Overwatch was not originally intended to feature in competitive esports. Nevertheless, pundits were quick to identify the game as one which could potentially be suited to competitive professional gaming, in particular because of its speed and short match times. Strong support from the game’s designer, Blizzard, as well as its variety of characters and maps, also worked in its favour when it came to the game being played professionally.

It is one of the reasons why Overwatch has not only become a popular spectator sport, but one of esportsbetting.com’s largest markets. If you’re looking for a betting experience that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat, full of twists and turns, then betting on this popular FPS is ideal for you.


When it comes to Overwatch gameplay, the structure and concept are fairly straightforward and super easy for newcomers of to the game to grasp. Players are split into two teams of six, with each player choosing one of several characters, each of whom possesses a range of different skills and abilities. Each of these characters comes from one of four classes, which are offense, defence, tank, and support. As might be expected, each of these classes possesses different attributes, playing different roles during combat, based on their array of skills and abilities.

Offense class characters are perfect for kill markets

Characters drawn from the offense class tend to have high attack power, as might be expected, and also have high speed. Their trade-off is a reduced ability when it comes to defending themselves and their team-mates. As such, they can be prone to counter attacks and often die multiple times throughout a match.

If you’re betting on first blood or MVP (most valuable player) markets then offensive players are more likely to provide value for money. 


Defense characters have more defensive capabilities and are usually found trying to create choke points for the enemy.

Support characters play at their best when they have their team-mates around them. Many support characters have healing abilities and can work to enhance their team’s all-round abilities. They can also debuff enemies, hindering the opposition’s performance. They often have low abilities when it comes to duelling capability, though there are exceptions to this.

Being so important in the overall performance of the team, support characters are also a good choice for MVP betting.

Tank characters clog up play

Tank characters tend to be used to draw fire away from their team-mates, as they have sufficient armour and hit points to be able to withstand heavy assaults. Successful Overwatch teams will select combinations of characters which are best able to work together to achieve their objectives, which are usually to either transport some kind of cargo across the map or to control and secure a series of strongpoints.

Did you know?

In Overwatch, unlike many other esports games such as League of Legends or Dota 2, at any respawn or in base, a player can change heroes. Making this a tactical/strategical choice that could determine the result of each match.


Here, we’ll take a closer look at Overwatch, examining some of the top players and teams, as well as looking at how the game is growing in popularity all the time. We will also take a look at how betting sites like us are offering more opportunities for placing bets on Overwatch, and the types of bet available. 

Overwatch - the next big thing in esports!

Overwatch could well be the next game to really shake up the esports scene. The game has a number of features which mean that it is well-suited for playing at a competitive, professional level. Live Overwatch games can be entertaining for spectators, too – feel free to check out our live streaming and live betting services, where you can watch the latest Overwatch tournaments with ease.


There has also been a growing interest in Overwatch betting, as the game’s popularity has increased since its release. The format of Overwatch does lend itself to professional gaming, as it features two teams competing in direct opposition to each other, to achieve clearly defined objectives. 

In addition to that, there are enough points of difference with other titles on the professional esports scene for the game to be considered genuinely interesting, rather than a rehash of old concepts. 


The game contains plenty of variety, in terms of its characters and scenarios, to make the game worth repeated attention from spectators. Gameplay is fast and gripping, while the length of games is long enough to be interesting, but also short enough to retain the attention of spectators. 


International Overwatch competition play began in late summer 2016. ESL hosted the first international competition in August 2016, in Cologne in Germany. Called the Overwatch Atlantic Showdown, the tournament featured a total prize pool of $100,000. French/American team Rogue took home the $40,000 first prize for winning the tournament. REUNITED came second, capturing a prize of $20,000, while Team EnVyUs and Fnatic made up the rest of the top four, taking home $12,000 each.

The potential of Overwatch has been revealed to the world

What that tournament showed was the real potential that Overwatch had when it came to being a viable and entertaining esports discipline.

Since then, tournaments such as the Overwatch Open, staged in Atlanta in September 2016, have helped to consolidate and solidify Overwatch’s role on the professional esports circuit. This development, of course, has also created a whole new market for avid esports betting fans.



Another event which has helped to push Overwatch up to a bigger profile is the Overwatch World Cup, which took place in November 2016. Overwatch World Cup teams were selected by an innovative process. Users of the game were balloted as to which teams they thought should represent their nation. The votes were then used to shape the selection of players for the national teams. The first World Cup winners for Overwatch were South Korea, who toppled a powerful Russian team in the final. Sweden came third, while Finland were in fourth. The tournament helped to show that fierce team competition was perfectly suited to Overwatch, with the game also attracting more attention from fans of esports betting.

Overwatch League will help shape the market further

The Overwatch League is backed by some serious muscle, with sports entrepreneurs like New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Los Angeles Rams owner Stan Kroenke being part of the meetings which were dedicated to establishing the league. Although there have been some difficulties involved in ironing out exactly which teams will participate, and where they will be based, this concept looks set to become a big part of professional esports in the years to come. It is also sure to attract more spectators, such as you, who are keen to bet on Overwatch. If the game continues to progress and develop, then it could soon be rivalling the likes of League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as a top draw on the esports circuit. 


Of course, just like Dota 2, CS:GO and League of Legends, Overwatch has begun to produce some star players. Players have made their way into the game from other similar esports disciplines, and there is already a strong talent pool in place, despite the game’s short lifespan so far. The best Overwatch players make good use of their chosen hero’s attributes and are true team players. Here, we will take a close look at some of the stars who have already lit up plenty of live Overwatch games, and look set to entertain fans for years to come.

South Koreans perform strongly for fans of Overwatch betting

South Korea has already proved to be a real hotbed of Overwatch talent, and people who like to bet on Overwatch would be well advised to focus on players from that country if they want to be successful gamblers. Gong ‘Miro’ Jin Hyuk is one man from Korea who has really shown some good form during Overwatch’s brief lifespan. A tank player who really knows how to endure punishment from opponents, Miro is a former South Korean World Cup team member, who now plays for the team Lunatic-Hai. His favoured hero in the game is Winston.


Jeong ‘ArHaN’ Weon Hyeop is another South Korean whose performances attract plenty of attention from fans of esports betting. ArHaN turned in some superb displays at the Overwatch World Cup, where he played as part of Team South Korea. He has also shown some incisive form while playing for Afreeca Freecs Blue during Overwatch APEX Season 1. He plays mainly as Genji, and has been an aggressive and decisive player with this hero. But he has also shown skills while playing as D.Va too, and looks to have a versatility to his game which marks him out from the crowd.

Serious punters trust Ryujehon

Another South Korean whom fans of Overwatch betting should be aware of, is Ryu ‘Ryujehong’ Je Hong. Another star from the Lunatic-Hai team, Ryujehong plays in support and tank roles and is well known for his ability to support his team-mates, keeping them alive while also being able to inflict plenty of damage on the opposition. He is best known as one of the best players in the world when it comes to playing as Ana, though he can be pretty deadly when operating as Zrya too. Particular attributes are his talent for quick scoping, as well as his ability to seemingly never miss a sleep dart.


Another of the current crop of top Overwatch players is American Christopher ‘GrimReality’ Schaefer. He rose to prominence in part because of his strong display as McCree, at the Next Generation Esports' Overwatch Winter Premiere. Possessing an uncannily good aim, GrimReality also has youth on his side, and many pundits predict that he will become one of Overwatch’s most consistent performers in the years to come. He should certainly feature in plenty of Overwatch betting news as the profile of the game rises.

Vonethil provides great betting potential

Oliver "Vonethil" Lager is a Swede who made his way into Overwatch from Heroes of the Storm and Guild Wars 2. He plays mostly as Lucio, a character for whom there is often not much glory gained, and a character who seems to be noticed mainly when things go wrong for his team. Vonethil has broken that mould, though, and makes Lucio into a truly exciting hero. Part of the Fnatic team, Vonethill is the main to have at your side when the team is under pressure. But his game is not all about grim defence and dour endurance. Vonethil has made wall riding, boops and, crucially, plenty of kills all integral parts of his game. 



Overwatch betting is growing in popularity, along with the game itself. The structure of the game, centred as it is on team versus team combat, lends itself to betting, and there are a number of different ways in which punters can place wagers on the action on their screens. 

Match result betting is the easiest way to get started

The simplest way of placing bets on Overwatch with us is to bet on the outcome of matches. This is a very straightforward form of betting, which is replicated throughout mainstream sport. The punter simply picks which team they think will win the game, and then places their bet on that team. This type of bet can be combined with several others into an accumulator, which is where the odds from several bets on the same betting slip are multiplied together. The winnings from each bet are used as a stake on the next bet on the slip. This can lead to potentially very big winnings, but if just one bet on the slip fails, the whole slip loses.

Tournament outcome betting another way to get involved

Another way to bet on Overwatch is to place futures wagers on tournament outcomes. This is where the punter makes selection before a tournament starts on who they think will win the event. Some bets can be placed during a tournament too, as teams are eliminated from the competition. Odds will change depending on the stage of the tournament bets are placed. 


Another way of Overwatch betting which can potentially be very lucrative is to place wagers on the feats of individual players. Odds are often offered on who will win the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award for each stage of a tournament, or the overall tournament. This is a type of bet which really tests the knowledge of punters, and is one that can potentially be very lucrative for punters who possess a deep and keen knowledge of the Overwatch scene.

Bet in-play to truly experience the action

It is also sometimes possible to place a live, in-play bet on Overwatch with us, though this does depend on the event. This is where punters can place bets during matches, betting on events which occur during game play, such as next player to make a kill, the first player to reach a certain level of experience. While this form of betting is common for games such as Counter Strike, the Overwatch scene is slowly catching up.

Obviously, being able to watch a live stream of a match from an Overwatch league is really essential for in play betting – that’s why we offer our very own Overwatch live streaming service.



Although the game has not been around for long, the number of professional Overwatch tournaments is growing all the time. Here, we will take a closer look at some of the tournaments which give plenty of opportunity for Overwatch betting.

Perhaps the biggest tournament is the Overwatch World Cup, an event which already looks like becoming an iconic fixture on the professional esports calendar. The World Cup is one of the few esports tournaments which focuses on nationality, rather than professional teams, to shape its competition structure. With fans balloted as to their preferences for team selections, this is a genuinely innovative event which can bring big value for people who want to bet. Overwatch lends itself to team play, and there is plenty of scope for both futures and match betting.


But there are also plenty of other, more conventional tournaments in Overwatch, which can be good value for anyone looking to use our Risk Freebets on offer. Many of the events are regional in nature, such as the Overwatch Pacific Championship, and the Overwatch PIT Championship, which has European and North American editions. 

For fans who want to bet on Overwatch, some of the best value can be found by placing wagers on the premier tier Overwatch tournaments. These carry the biggest prize pools and feature the top international players. One of these is the Overwatch Apex, which will have its third season in 2017. Season One of the event was staged in South Korea, the spiritual home of Overwatch, and was won by Team EnVyUs, who took home the first prize of $87,170. AF Blue finished second, while BK Stars and Team KongDoo Uncia were in third and fourth.



The tournament’s second edition was won by South Korean stars Lunatic-Hai, who look to be one of the teams that punters who enjoy placing bets on Overwatch should make sure that they keep an eye on. RunAway came second, and LW Blue and Meta Athena were in third and fourth place, giving an indication of where the real strength in Overwatch lies, as the game continues to build its profile and following. 

Fans of esports betting sites would also do well to watch the APAC Premier, the second edition of which will take place in November 2017. The first iteration of the tournament was staged in Shanghai, China, in October 2016. This event was won by Rogue, whose team featured an entirely French line-up for the tournament. Their prize for taking the tournament title was $75,000. Lunatic Hai showed just how consistently appealing they are to people who enjoy betting on Overwatch, by coming in second, and claiming a prize of $30,000. 


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