PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG as it’s more commonly known, is one of the latest and greatest games to hit the esports scene. Here at esportsbetting.com, we like to be ahead of the pack when it comes to new and exciting forms of esports – and we’re one of the few bookmakers to take bets on PUBG.

Have you heard the odd snippet about PUBG, but you’re not sure what all the fuss is really about? Let us enlighten you! Consider this your definitive guide to all things PUBG. You can find out exactly what the game involves, and how it is played. We explain the nitty gritty of this popular new esport, including the Battle Royale format. 

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PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is a multiplayer online battle video game. It was first released for early access as recently as March 2017, and is rapidly growing in popularity as time goes on. PUBG is the creation of developers PUBG Corp. The game is inspired by the film Battle Royale, which appeared on screens in 2000.

The aim of PUBG is to defeat the enemy while preserving one’s own life. The game begins with 100 players being parachuted onto an island. On arrival, players must search for weapons and special items that will help them in eliminating their opponents. At the same time as conducting these searches and attempting to take out the enemy, players must also protect themselves and avoid being killed by others. Players can fight alone, as a single unit, or they have the option of forming teams for greater strength. PUBG teams usually have a maximum of four people.

PUBG already boasts over 2 million players, despite being such a new form of esport – and that doesn’t include the many fans who watch the games via live streaming. It is currently played on both the Microsoft Windows and Xbox One platforms. 


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an exhilarating form of esport, which means that it’s really enjoyable to watch. Betting on PUBG means taking a leap into the unknown, literally, which means that anyone who enjoys a little risk will be in their element with this game. Watching a PUBG game makes watching a football match seem positively dull, such is the speed and frenetic nature of the action.

If it’s thrills you’re after when it comes to your betting experience, you can’t go wrong with a flutter on PUBG.

The fact that PUBG betting is much more unpredictable than other first-person shooter games makes it much more interesting for everyone. This also means that there is more of an element of luck as to whether or not you will be successful; which allows newbies to have almost as much chance of generating a payout as those who are more familiar with the game. You can easily bet on PUBG with us here at esportsbetting.com!



The inspiration for the Battle Royale format comes from the 2000 film of the same name. The basic premise is that the players in PUBG fight against each other to the death, and the winner is the player or small team of players who are literally left standing at the end of the match.

The idea is that the game creates a military style situation in which players are at war against each other – and this allows for some seriously nail-biting action.

Brendan Greene, who led the development of PUBG, was determined to create something bigger and better than the usual first person shooter game. He found that the small size of maps in other games made for easy manipulation – and that this made first person shooters more than a little repetitive.

With the Battle Royale format, Greene created an esport on a much grander scale.

The consequence of this has been that battles are harder won, and the games are much less predictable than others like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, for example. 



The Battle Royale format has given PUBG games much more depth than other esports. Rather than simply having the aim of killing others, or destroying their base camps; PUBG has a three-pronged focus. The first goal to be achieved by players is on arrival, when they are dropped from the parachute.

The aim here is to ascertain the best time to jump, and the most advantageous place to land – particularly in relation to other players. The second goal that PUBG players aim for is the successful collection of weapons and equipment. This requires a good understanding of where and how these items can be gathered. Finally, the Battle Royale format’s ultimate focus: the elimination of enemy players or teams.


Greene created PUBG in the Battle Royale format for two reasons. Firstly, he wanted to make the game much less predictable than the other multiplayer first-person shooter games he had seen – to make for a more exciting experience for the players.

Secondly, Greene anticipated that PUBG would quickly become an official esport, and considered the format to be ideal for providing fans, spectators and bettors with fast-paced entertainment that would keep them guessing. He wasn’t wrong, as we are now taking bets on this thrilling new game – and we can confirm that the Battle Royale format offers much more than your average esport!


If you’re thinking of placing your first bet on PUBG, you are in exactly the right place! Much like other esports like League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with PUBG betting you can put your money on the player or team you think will be able to kill someone first – right at the start of the action. This form of betting is commonly referred to as ‘first kill’. To be able to place successful ‘first kill’ bets, you need to have a good understanding of the players and teams.

You can also place PUBG bets by predicting which player or small team will be left standing at the end of a battle. This is similar to betting on more traditional forms of sport, such as football or rugby. You simply pick your winner, then watch the match to find out who comes away in first place. If you haven’t bet on PUBG betting before, or indeed any kind of esport, this is probably the best place to start.

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A good understanding of the PUBG map can help you to make much better choices when it comes to betting on the matches. Where a player lands on the map is a matter of extreme importance, as it is literally a life or death action. Players usually choose to head to the areas that are stacked with important equipment for battle (and compete with others to get the best items); or go to quieter areas to gather only very specific items.

The PUBG map features a number of hotspots that can be especially fraught with challenges. Here, we will outline two of these for you. 

Georgopol is a huge city, located in the north-westerly portion of the map. It is divided by a river, and features lots of useful equipment. This area is considered medium to high risk in terms of the possibility of being annihilated by another player or team.

Military Island is the area of the map that boasts the most in terms of loot, or essential battling equipment. However, it is extremely difficult to access, and players make themselves vulnerable by crossing to the island. Seasoned professionals, however, can navigate Military Island with ease.


Before you place any PUBG bets, it’s a good idea to check out the PUBG pages on Reddit. They’re packed with interesting and informative details about the game that will help you to better understand the players, teams and the battle action as it is taking place. You can find out more about the PUBG map, and what players’ experiences of it have been. You can also learn about successful battles, and what techniques and skills the players have used to defeat their enemies.

Reddit is also a great source of information on lost matches – which enables you to understand the behaviour of players who are less likely to help you to win your bet. Reading about where they went wrong will allow you to make better predictions of who the winners might be.

You can also view footage of previous battles, and this is one of the best ways to get a good knowledge of how the game works. If you’ve never watched a PUBG battle before, it’s really worthwhile to watch some previous footage before you consider placing PUBG bets. Give yourself the best possible chance of winning!



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Lead developer Greene is constantly working on new and improved versions of the game, and there are currently two new maps in development. The combination of Greene’s dedication and a rapidly growing fan and player base means that we expect to see the creation of major esports tournaments in the very near future. Professional gamers are increasingly entering the world of PUBG, and the game looks set to attract some pretty hefty sponsorship.

All this growth and development means that betting on PUBG is going to get bigger and better all the time. Get in on the action now and start betting on PUBG while it’s still in take-off mode – this really is the time to raise your PUBG bets and take a bit of a chance! And, with our Risk Freebet Offer, you’ve got even more reason to have your first PUBG betting experience!