Have you heard a little about Rocket League, and want to know more about this fantastically fun and fast-paced esport? You’ve come to the right place! Here at, we pride ourselves in keeping up to date on all the latest and greatest developments in the world of esports. This means that we are the only site you need for betting on both established and lesser-known esports – and for enjoying the excitement as it happens via our live streaming and live betting services. You’ve probably checked out some of the esports coverage at other bookmaker sites – and found it to be more than a little limited, especially when it comes to more recent additions like Rocket League.

Fortunately, you don’t need to look any further to get all the information you need about the game. Here, we will explain what Rocket League is, and how it differs from other esports games. You can discover the markets we offer for betting on Rocket League, and why it is the perfect choice for enjoying a flutter or two. You can also find out about our Risk Freebet Offer, and how you can use it to kickstart your betting on the game. We’ll also go into detail about how we expect Rocket League to progress, and why it’s set to become even more popular within the multi-million-dollar esport industry.


Is your knowledge and understanding of Rocket League a little sketchy? There’s no need to panic, as we will explain exactly what the game is about and how it was created. Rocket League is a video game that combines football and motoring action for players. It was released as recently as July 2015, and so it is a relative newcomer in comparison with other forms of esport like League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and so on.

The game is the brainchild of developers Psyonix and is playable across a number of different devices. Rocket League can be played on the following platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, macOS, and Linux. Initially, you could only play Rocket League on Windows and PlayStation, but this has been expanded to incorporate a wide choice of platforms to make the game more accessible to a greater number of players and fans. Players are assembled into teams and compete against each other by using rocket-powered cars to manipulate the ball and score goals, much like a traditional football match.

How is Rocket League different to other esports?

The main difference between Rocket League and other esports is one of its biggest advantages: the format is generally much simpler. Unlike games like League of Legends or Dota 2, Rocket League is based on a much simpler concept. It is very similar to football in terms of the rules and how the game can be won, which makes it much easier to understand. If you are already a football fan, you will quickly be able to get to grips with Rocket League. In addition, if you’ve ever played a driving game, Rocket League is appealing and fun – and a cinch to comprehend.


Much of the world of esports is dominated by shooter style games, in which the object is to kill your opponents and win a battle against the opposing team. Rocket League doesn’t involve shooting anyone, the aim is to score as many goals as possible in order to defeat the other players; as well as destroying a few cars along the way. Rocket League also has an edge over several other esports as it is not just a football game, but a driving one too. This means that it combines two of the most popular activities with which many of us are already familiar – making the game very appealing indeed.

Much smaller teams – more intense action!

In terms of professional Rocket League, the teams are generally much smaller than you have seen in esports like League of Legends and the rest. Professional Rocket League teams are usually composed of just three players, which makes betting on the matches much simpler. Too much choice can be confusing, especially for newbies – so Rocket League is the ideal esport to start with in terms of betting.

Although the game is relatively easy to learn compared to other forms of esports, the skill level of the top players is extremely high. The professionals are experts at manipulating their cars both in the air and while on the ground; and these skills allow them to create even more opportunities to score winning goals and demolish the cars of their opponents. Because of this, Rocket League is an esport that is super exciting to play and bet on – as you can easily see just how top level the industry leaders are in terms of skill and finesse.


So, you like the sound of Rocket League, and you’re thinking of putting a little money on an upcoming game to test the water. Betting on Rocket League here at is really simple and straightforward. We give you clear and competitive odds on a range of matches so that all you have to do is choose which one you want to bet on, and select the outcome that you think is most likely.

Similar to betting on games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can put your money on first kill. With Rocket League, this means which rocket car you think is going to be demolished first. If you’ve already watched a few matches, it will be easier to predict which players will experience this early on. You can also place a bet on which team you think is going to emerge from the game as a winner, much like you would if you were betting on a traditional football match.

Here at, we offer competitive odds on a wide choice of Rocket League events – which means that we are the only site you need for betting (and winning payouts!) on this esport.


Rocket League is a great game for all gamblers, and especially those who are new to placing a bet in general. If you don’t have much experience of betting on esports, you might find games like League of Legends, Dota 2 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to be more than a little confusing. Rocket League is an esport that is really easy to follow and understand, which means that betting on it is straightforward and fun!

Rocket League is ideal for betting on because it is so very watchable. You can watch all the top matches right here via our live streaming pages, and it is very entertaining and enjoyable from a spectator’s point of view. This is largely because the format is so similar to what you’ve probably already seen in terms of coverage of traditional sports. It’s easy to work out who’s winning from the number of goals that have been scored by each team. It’s also clear who has the edge, even when a goal has yet to be scored – as you can watch who has possession of the ball most often. This means that you’ll know how your bet is progressing while you enjoy all the action as it happens.

1Understanding football means you will quickly get to grips with this esport;
2Fun game that is easy to bet on;
3Accessible to all, even esports newbies;
4Competitive odds on a wide choice of events;
5Free live streaming available here on


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Arenas are the areas in which Rocket League matches take place. Each of these features what are known as ‘boost pads’ which allow players to dramatically increase their speeds and to fly. Arenas are composed of a cage like structure, in which the matches take place and the ball is contained.

There are three different kinds of arenas: standard, seasonal and alternate. Standard arenas that are featured in Rocket League include the following: Aquadome; Beckwith Park; Champions Field; DFH Stadium; Mannfield; Neo Tokyo; Starbase ARC; Urban Central; Utopia Coliseum; and Wasteland.

Seasonal arenas are changeable, and are usually only playable for a specified period of time. It’s worth keeping an eye on the current seasonal arena being used for games, so that you can make the best choices for betting.

Alternate arenas have a layout that differs from the main, or standard ones. Current alternate arenas offered by Rocket League include the following: ARCtagon; Badlands; Core 707; Dunk House; and Tokyo Underpass.

Most of the arenas featured in Rocket League have varying factors that make them different from each other. These variants include things like night or day; and weather conditions such as stormy or snowy.


Are you intrigued by Rocket League and the idea of having a go at betting on the game? One of the best ways that you can give yourself a good chance of placing a winning bet is by having a good understanding of the game itself; plus the teams and the professional players within them. Head over to Reddit to educate yourself on all things related to Rocket League.

Reddit Rocket League fan pages are the perfect place to find about things like special techniques and tricks used by the top players, and how to spot them in use. This will make it much easier for you to predict who is going to win – and increase your chances of generating a win. You can also check out video footage of previous games, and this will further develop your understanding of the game.

The Reddit Rocket League pages are also a good way to find out about the hurdles and difficulties faced by players. You can discover what has proven to be tricky so far, and how the best players have overcome these issues. This will make it much easier to predict winners.



Rocket League is a game gaining traction within the professional esports circuits, as well as fans with a passion for fast paced, non-stop action. 

Here on you will find all of the major and most popular titles for the esports scene, as well as lesser known games. In addition to odds and markets for these, each of them have their own info articles. More games equals more choice of bets to place. 



Rocket League has got an exciting future to look forward to in the esports industry. Rumours abound of the possibility of Rocket League matches being shown on mainstream television, just like football and horse racing is already covered. That is a clear indication of just how far the game is set to go in terms of increasing popularity and appeal.

Developers Psyonix are convinced of the future mainstream appeal of Rocket League, and want to capitalise on its growing fan base to make this is an esport that everyone can enjoy and get involved in. As such, Psyonix has committed to investing $2.5 million into developing Rocket League as a premier esport.

Growing commercial interest paves way for bright future

Unlike other forms of esport, in which sponsorship is all about gaming products, Rocket League is attracting commercial interest from a much more varied number of sources. These includes organisations like Old Spice, 7Eleven, Transformers: The Lost Knight and more. We expect the increasing commercial support to take Rocket League to a whole other level in comparison with other games like League of Legends or Counter Strike – and this should mean an increasingly thriving and exciting professional scene. This makes Rocket League the esport of choice for bettors, particularly in the long term.