So you want to take a bet on the biggest esports games but need to know which teams and players to look out for?

Then check out our hall of fame that gives you a quick rundown of the best teams and players in esports games like Dota 2 and League of Legends. This means that if you’re betting on events like the Dota 2 The Internationalor DreamHack, you’ll be able to adjust your wagering accordingly.

And we’ve also included a handful of top Counter Strike players so that you know who to back on esportsbetting.com the next time one of those big CS:GO tournaments comes around.

Whilst there will be some of you who will want to know who the best Super Smash players are, and which Black Ops teams can give you a winning result, for the moment we will just be concentrating on the four major esports betting games of League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO and Overwatch.

But watch this space as we might start including a few more hall of famers from gaming realms like Ops iii and StarCraft, so that you can adjust your betting strategies for the next round of esports tournaments.


As League of Legends is the most watched video game in the world, we just had to give you a rundown of the top teams in this thrilling battle arena game. So here are the teams who can give you a winning result at esportsbetting.com.

SK Telecom 1

Nobody will be surprised to find that SK Telecom 1 top the list of our LoL hall of famers. The monumental Korean team regularly crush their opposition at all of the top esports tournaments and it’s their ability to constant evolve through selecting promising new players that will keep them at the top of the rankings.

Whilst they’ve had some setbacks in the esports calendar this year with a loss in the LCK Finals, the legendary team have managed to deliver a level of consistency in their LoL gameplay that means that any bet with them at esportsbetting.com stands a good chance of getting a winning result.

Longzhu Gaming

Another Korean team who has taken the LoL world by storm recently is Longzhu Gaming. Ever since they changed their name from Incredible Miracle, the team have enjoyed a rapid change of fortunes that saw has seen players like Kim ‘Khan’ Dong-ha emerging as a new kind of esports star.

As a result, Longzhu Gaming now look poised to try and take SK Telecom’s crown at the next major esports tournament. And with the team coach, Kim Jung-su, on hand to give the young squad plenty of inspirational advice, it would be foolish to bet against their success.

Team SoloMid

One esports squad who are looking to make a fightback against Korean dominance in LoL esports events is Team SoloMid. In less than a decade this American team have managed to become the best side in the North American League of Legends Championship Series, and it’s going to be fascinating to see how they evolve.

With powerful mid-lane stars like Soren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg, and a great team spirit, it’s hoped that Team SoloMid can capitalise on their early promise. And whilst it will take plenty of luck for them to dethrone SK Telecom 1, it’s clear that Team SoloMid still represent a tempting outside betting option.


But it’s not just the teams who can give you a helping hand in formulating your betting strategies. As many top esports players are more than capable of delivering a surprising betting outcome. So who are the best esports players for you to keep an eye on?

Best League of Legends player – Faker

Few people have managed to completely dominate esport as much as Faker. This famous Korean star has become a key part of the League of Legends scene for many years now.

With some stellar performances at high-level tournaments like the Intel Extreme Masters and the LoL World Championship, it’s clear that Faker is able to perform well under phenomenal pressure.

What’s remarkable about Faker, a.k.a. Kee Sang-hyeok, is that he is only 21 years old and so he looks to be giving us plenty of great betting options over the upcoming years as an awesome mid-laner for SK Telecom 1.


There’s a pretty good reason as to why Universe is the highest earning esports professional; he’s the best Dota 2 player out there.

Thanks to his endlessly captivating performances as an off-laner for the Evil Geniuses team, the American player has provided plenty of inspiration for young Dota 2 players and has given you lots of reasons to try betting on him at esportsbetting.com.

If you look at any esports website that focuses on Dota 2, then the chances are that Universe will pop up somewhere. Whether it’s taking part at the The International or the Manila Major, there’s something about Universe that makes excites esports betting fans like nothing else.

Best CS:GO player – KennyS

The CS:GO star KennyS has had a pretty interesting esports career, but he’s always managed to provide betting fans with plenty of excitement at events like the Championship Series.

From his opening days with Clan Mystik to his current role as AWPer for G2 Esports, it seems that it’s KennyS’ amazing sniping ability that continues to make him one of the best players in the game.

Whilst the French esports star has occasionally suffered from some struggles with form, it seems that he is settling in nicely at G2 Esports. And it’s expected that he will continue to be one of the best players of this thrilling first-person shooter game.


Anybody who has played this frenetic battle arena game would be surprised to find that SoOn has become the world’s best Overwatch player by playing the Widowmaker character.

Being a sniper in this game requires a huge amount of dedication and skill, and it seems that this French player has both characteristics and should be a great player to place a bet on.

This is especially so as SoOn is enjoying a great run of form with the Rogue team and he’s expected to be a real name to watch.


Although Dota is one of the most complex esports titles out there, that hasn’t stopped massive gaming tournaments like The International becoming great places to take a bet. So which teams are the best value for money when taking a wager on Dota 2?

Team 1 - Evil Geniuses

There is no denying the fact that Evil Geniuses are the greatest Dota 2 team of all time. Not only does the American team have earnings of over $13 million, but their list of tournament victories shows that they have a consistency of form that would make them a fascinating prospect for any esports betting enthusiast.

Whilst the side started up by playing Counter Strike, it seems that they quickly realised that Dota 2 was the game for them. And once they managed to pick up the biggest esports winnings of all-time at The International, the path was clear for them to claim their place in the esports hall of fame.

TEAM 2 – Newbee

Whilst Newbee are a relative newcomer in the esports world, they’ve managed to prove the doubters wrong by becoming a real team to watch in Dota 2.

Ever since they picked up the trophy at The International in 2014, they’ve shown that Chinese esports teams have what it takes to shock the bookmakers at top-level esports competitions.

And although the side will undoubtedly be missing their captain Xiao8, they surely have what it takes to deliver another epic result.

Team 3 - Vici Gaming

Another Chinese team who have had a consistently good record in Dota 2 tournaments is Vici Gaming.

As well as some great results at The International, the Shanghai-based esports team have also performed well at the Dota 2 Asian Championships. And so it remains to be seen whether Vici Gaming have what it takes to be a good outside bet at esportsbetting.com to shock Evil Geniuses.


Obviously there are so many great players in the esports scene that we are going to have to include a few honourable mentions. 

Lol honourable mention – PraY

It’s tough to be a League of Legends player when there are the likes of Faker around. But we just couldn’t miss PraY out of our esports hall of fame.

Once again, it’s another Korean star who has managed to show the rest of us how to play this game, as he has always managed to put in a string of strong performances for sides like NaJin Black Sword, ROX Tigers, and his current team, Longzhu Gaming.

Dota 2 honourable mention – Madara

Ever since his incredible performance at the Boston Major, it’s clear that Madara has become a real force to watch in the Dota 2 realm.

Thanks to his effortless display with Ad Finem, it’s evident that Madara is somebody who can excel in roles like Timbersaw and Morphling. And it’s going to be fascinating to see how this young Greek esports player will develop from here.


Whilst SK Gaming rarely have any problems in delivering some consistently great performances, it’s clear that it is Coldzera who has been helping them achieve their enviable esports reputation.

Coldzera is a great example of how Brazilian players are taking the world of esports by storm recently. And whether he’s playing as a rifler or a secondary AWPer, Coldzera is a solid player to take a bet on.

Overwatch honourable mention – Nevix

Although Nevix has played for a huge amount of esports teams in a short amount of time, it seems as though he might have finally found his feet with Cloud9.

This should give the Swedish esports star plenty of opportunity to improve upon his already phenomenal Overwatch skills that could mean that he becomes a great betting option in this increasingly popular game.


League of Legends pioneer – YellOwStaR

Most people would agree that this French esports trailblazer is a big reason why LoL is one of the most popular titles that you can bet on.

Thanks to his role with the Fnatic team, YellOwStaR became one of the best LoL players of all-time. And whilst many LoL fans would love to see him return to the game, he’s still involved in gaming as he is now the head of Paris Saint-Germain esports.

Dota 2 icon – Fear

If you’re wondering how the Evil Geniuses team have managed to achieve such an incredible run of form, then it’s worth bearing in mind that they have Fear operating as their coach.

This legendary American player spent over a decade perfecting his skills in Dota 2, and he’s been one of the few players who have managed achieve such a lengthy career in the often-punishing world of esports.


Most CS:GO fans will probably remember how FeTish was one of the real stars of the Dignitas team. 

Regardless of the pressure placed upon him, this Danish esports star always seemed to manage to keep his cool and deliver a great performance when it mattered most.

Legend of Overwatch – EVERMORE

Although Overwatch has only been with us for a relatively short amount of time, it’s given us plenty of exceptional players. And whilst the likes of SoOn and Zebbosai have provided pundits with plenty to talk about, it’s clear that it was EVERMORE who really ruled this multiplayer game.

Whether he was playing as Mercy or Roadhog, it seems that EVERMORE managed to clock up an impressive win ratio that set the high watermark for all Overwatch tournaments to come.

And so, many gaming fans were stunned when it seemed like EVERMORE had retired from the chaotic world of Overwatch. But with rumours that he has been spotted playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, it seems as though you can’t keep a good gamer down!

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