You’re already familiar with the exciting and fast-paced worlds of League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO and the like – and have taken some pride in developing your knowledge and skills of these popular esports games. Alternatively, you might be a seasoned gambler, and want to get into the lucrative world of betting on esports. Regardless of the category that you fall into, you can’t get anything much more exhilarating than esports live betting.

Esports betting live involves placing a wager on the action as it happens. Rather than simply betting on which team is going to win or lose before the match takes place – you get to watch your favourite online esports being played out in real time, allowing you to strategically place bet during the action. Rather than betting blindly before things happen, you can assess the gameplay as it takes place – and that can prove to be very lucrative indeed.


Have you played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive before? The multi-player first person shooter game is one of the most popular forms of esports in the world. It’s enjoyed by millions of professional gamers and amateurs in the United States and across Europe and Asia. Because it’s such a fast-paced game, CS:GO betting live is a fantastic way to really immerse yourself in this exciting and unpredictable world. At, you will find live streaming of all the major Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events. Whether you’re a newbie or a savvy online esports expert – you have come to the right place.

How to nail betting on CS:GO

The most influential factor in whether or not you will make any money out of betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is your understanding of the game itself. You can find a wealth of useful information, tips and tricks here at – but it’s also worth actually watching a few games before deciding to place a bet. Head to our live streaming pages to watch the Terrorists and Counter Terrorists battle it out, taking note of each team member’s particular skills and strengths.

Action speak louder than words

You can also significantly increase your understanding of CS:GO, and therefore your chances of winning – by playing the game itself. Don’t be intimidated by the professional network of CS:GO player, there are lots of amateurs also giving CS:GO a try. It’s a friendly community, and you can join forums like those on Reddit to get player opinions, advice and tips on how to plant a bomb or defend the hostages – all of which will enable you to see how a winning team takes home the prize. You can also find out about handicaps, how to predict upsets, and how to guestimate the outcome of battles. 

For a whole host of information on esports live betting, and CS:GO especially – check out our dedicated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive page. It’s a comprehensive guide to understanding the game, how it works, and how you can benefit from live betting on CS:GO. Head over to our CS:GO page now to get started!



Have you played League of Legends? If so, you’re in good company – there are millions of players enjoying the immersive game every day. It’s a multi-player online battle arena video game (MOBA) in which players take on the role of an unseen ‘Summoner’ that is responsible for a ‘Champion’ with specific abilities. During the game, you’ll fight off against other players, where the main aim is to eliminate the ‘nexus’ of your opposing team – a structure that is positioned within their base. 

Your one-stop-shop for live betting on LoL

At, we understand the needs of both League of Legends fans and gamblers who want to get involved in esports betting live. We offer all the detail you need on the game itself, and specific information on how to get involved in esports live betting on LoL on our dedicated page. If you’re new to the whole concept, or even just a little unsure – the sheer wealth of information available online may seem daunting and confusing.

How do you know which sites are reliable, with up to date information – and which sites are best avoided? The answer is simple – trust us at for everything you need related to League of Legends esports live betting. Place your bet, watch the action, bag some cash.


Ok, I understand the game - How do I get in on the Live Betting action?

To enjoy League of Legends live, you’re at the right website! We offer esports live streaming of all the major LoL events, tournaments and competitions at There are lots of ways to place bets on League of Legends during the games – here, we describe some of your options:

  • Match Winner: This is the simplest of bets to place, you simply pick which team you think will win the match and place your wager accordingly
  • Outright Winner: This is where you bet on a particular team winning an entire event or tournament – possibly not the best option until you are confident about your understanding and knowledge of LoL
  • First Blood: A popular choice for live betting on League of Legends. Watch the match unfolding, and decide which are the stronger players/team based on what you have seen. Make your prediction of which team will get first blood – and sit back to watch the action!
  • First Dragon: The key to teams unlocking the dragon slayer buff – being the first team to kill the dragon can potentially turn a game around for a team. Hence it’s one of the first objectives. As such who would we be not to offer markets on the first team to kill the dragon? 


Dota 2, the multi-player online battle arena video game, has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. The matches that take place are fought between two teams, each of which consists of 5 players. Each player controls a ‘hero’ and aims to collect experience points and valuable items for their team. The aim of the game is the ‘Ancient’, a large structure located in the opposing team’s camp.

Can you make real money live betting on Dota 2?

The short answer is – yes! Although there are a few sites out there that trade in fantasy bets, or in terms of the acquisition of certain valuable items – at ESPORTSBETTING.COM, we enable you to enjoy esports live betting on Dota 2 for cold, hard cash! In case you haven’t heard, this is an extremely lucrative industry. To give you an idea of how much money is involved, the biggest Dota 2 competition, The International – last had a prize pool that was well over $18 million. You don’t have to be a high-roller to enjoy Dota 2 esports betting live – but if you fancy using your newfound knowledge to up the stakes a little, you could end up with a very tidy sum!

The inside track

Before you go for gold and place your first Dota 2 live bet with us, it’s a good idea to find out as much as you can about match formats – as these have an impact on the outcomes of Dota 2 events. Check out the detail on match formats below:

  • Match WinnerPretty simple – place a bet on who is going to win the match. This is generally placed before the game, but with live betting at you can place a match winner bet throughout proceedings. 
  • Correct Score: Only applicable for matches of more than one game, you simply predict the end result. The more games in a match, the trickier this can be, but ultimately it’s a sure-fire way to add a spice of excitement to a longer match.
  • Map Betting: Think one team is better on Radiance than Dire? If so, take advantage of this information by placing a bet on which team will win in a certain arena. 
  • Special Bets: Roshan drops the first aegis – but who will get it? Got an inkling on who will capture the first map tower, or even the barracks? Well, the great thing about Dota2 betting is that you can place stakes on any of the above, here at

Gimme more info!

Thirsting for more information on live Dota 2 betting? Want to find out about all the best teams, the most important events, the markets, and how to enjoy the games live? Check out our dedicated page – it’s got everything you need!


StarCraft II is a military science fiction game which is set at the start of the 26th century. It is based on a battle for power between 4 different kinds of species: the Terrans, Insectoid Zerg, Protoss, and Xel’Nanga. The original version of the game was launched by in 1996, and it has grown in popularity since then. The current version of StarCraft was introduced in November 2015 – and it’s especially popular with gamers in the know in South Korea.


The secret of StarCraft Live Betting

Thinking of going for gold by enjoying StarCraft esports betting live? StarCraft is arguably one of the most complex esports on the market, so knowledge and understanding is key. Here are the key points to get your head around before placing a bet:

1. Study the game

Have a go at playing yourself, watch live streams, and check out archived footage of the biggest battles to get a good feel of how it all works.

2. Understand the teams

Because StarCraft is relatively complicated compared to other games, an appreciation of the major teams and the players within them is vital. Find out who’s got a history of defeating the enemy, which teams are outsiders – and which players are creeping up into the big time. The more you know, the more money you’ll make!

3. Learn about the strategies for each faction

StarCraft is all about strategic thinking, and there is a huge amount of variance in how this is done – so give yourself a flying start by getting all the detail before you place your first live bet.

4. Tournament schedules

Find out about the big StarCraft competitions that are coming up in the foreseeable future – you don’t want to miss any opportunity to get in on the thrilling live action!


Are you chomping at the bit to enjoy watching and betting on live esports events? There is a whole host of choice online for enjoying all the best of League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2 and StarCraft. Twitch is a popular option for many of the biggest events and championships, as is YouTube. You can even access some live esports matches via links on Reddit. 

However, if you’re looking for somewhere that provides team and player information, betting tips, esports news – and everything else in between, check out our news section for the latest updates in the world of gaming. 

There are game-specific detail and a choice of ways to bet, as well as excellent odds for both pre-match and in-play live betting. We also offer comprehensive statistics on all the games and markets, allowing you to be in the best possible position when it comes to placing a bet. At, we are gaming mad – and we know exactly what you’re looking for. A site developed by gamers for gamers – so you can get on with making the moolah!