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Why should you be concerned about getting CS:GO updates, LoL news, or Dota 2 news? If you have ever placed any esports bets, you’ll know that being knowledgeable about the industry can make a huge difference in the outcome of your wager. 

It is, of course, important to keep an eye on the player rosters for each season or competitions – so that you know who’s going to be battling it out when it comes to placing your bet. A decent source of esports news will not just tell you who’s playing – it will also give you information on what each professional gamer’s best strengths and attributes are, and how they have contributed to the successes and failures of the team. You can find out about their latest victories, and hear expert opinion of their potential for upcoming events. 

If you want to know how to pick a winner for esports betting, you’ve got to keep up with the latest news.


One of the downsides of betting on esports is that it can often be hard to get any information that is authoritative and impartial. This is because there are so many esports websites out there that are either wrong, outdated, or extremely biased.

So we’ve pledged to make sure that any piece of information on the news section is free from any traces of bias that could potentially mislead you in your betting strategies.

Not only will we give you an up-to-date and relevant collection of facts about all of the top esports events, but we will try and double-check the sources of our information to make sure that you are getting a clear picture of what’s going on in the esports world.


It is always important for betting news sources to deliver truthful and impartial facts, as such information is what you are going to be basing your esports betting upon. Whilst it can be all too tempting for some esports news websites to rush and report a news story that isn’t verified, we want to give you a resource that is reliable.

So we won’t be reporting on biased gossip on Reddit sites, but will only be giving you stories that come from authoritative sources. This means that when you take a bet at, you will be doing it as a result of having read information that’s relevant, objective and authoritative.


Esports really started to come into its own in the post 2000 years, as more and more regional, national and global events became established competitions within the esports calendar. The growth of the industry has been accompanied by the increasing numbers of publications for those who are choosing esports betting as their hobby of choice. 

Our aim at is not only to provide you with the best odds and markets, but to become the leading esports news resource. Our team of CS:GO, LoL and Dota 2 experts live, eat and breathe esports. 


Because the esports industry is so fast-paced, changes take place within League of Legends, Dota 2, CS:GO and StarCraft II on a regular basis. Keeping yourself up to date with new players joining existing teams and teams being formed for the first time means that you will be ahead of other punters when it comes to betting esports – as you’re able to make informed judgements about how the games will pan out.

Our dedicated news section will help keep you up to date with the latest goings on in the world of esports. From betting guide, in-depth feature pieces, latest roster changes and more, our expert writers work around the clock to keep you in the know. 

Plan your betting strategy around the latest news

If you’re serious about esports betting, and you want to make at least a reasonable amount of money – if not a tidy profit, it’s important to develop a strategy. We’ll help you out on our news section with a wide range strategy guides for CS:GO, Dota 2, LoL and all the other latest titles. 

Whichever game or market you are betting on, keeping in the loop in terms of esports news means that you find out about the latest updates to the game, who’s going forward after qualifying games, and which players and teams are considered favourites by betting sites and those in the industry. All this knowledge helps you to plan your CS bet, or your League of Legends wager – for the duration of all the big competitions and events. 


The idea of esports, or competitive gaming using video games, is not a new one. The first video gaming competition was held in 1980, where over ten thousand people took part in the Space Invaders Tournament. 

By the 1990s, there were several tournaments that involved professional playing arcade and console games. During this time, there were separate categories for children and young people in the big competitions (something that is no longer considered necessary today). By the late 90s, gaming via a personal computer was becoming increasingly popular. With this surge in PC gaming came the birth of esports as we know them today.

Top esports players to keep an eye on

There are always plenty of great new players coming through the ranks in the esports world. So we are going to try and make sure that you get a good source of information about the rising stars of the esports realm.

Whilst most of you might be familiar with LoL icons like Faker, there are plenty more great players out there who you should know about before you make your bets. It can sometimes be quite difficult to keep tabs on the movements of your favourite esports stars as they have a tendency to switch teams fairly regularly.  So as well as telling you about the betting form of Dota 2 legends like Universe, we will also let you know when CS:GO stars like KennyS decide to switch teams again!

The Overwatch esports scene arises

What we mentioned above, it is especially important in some of the newer esports titles like Overwatch where some great odds can sometimes emerge for anyone who realises how key players like SoOn and Zebbosai have the potential to cause a big upset.

After all, betting on esports is remarkably similar to betting on traditional sports like football and horse racing. And it’s only by properly researching the form of your favourite players and teams that you are going to know when the betting odds are tilted in your favour.

So that’s why you should always come to the news page to find out more about which top players are going to helping you get a winning bet.


The first game that was played as what is considered to be an official esport was Quake in 1997, which was played in the Red Annihilation Tournament that attracted over 2000 competitors. Esports news was still very much in its infancy at this stage, particularly due to the smaller scale of competitions.


As much as you might enjoy betting on esports, watching the games live and checking out the action – your aim is, of course, to win! 

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Giving you the top esports tournament news

It’s always at esports tournaments where you’ll find the biggest results. And regardless of whether you are looking to bet on Dota 2 or Overwatch, you’re bound to find an esports tournament that gives you some great odds.

From massive events like DreamHack that cover a huge range of gaming options, to specialist tournaments like The International, you will be able to find all of the latest news, rumours and gossip about these esports extravaganzas at

Just because some tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship go on for many months doesn’t mean that you’ll be lacking in relevant betting information.

This is because we will go the extra mile to let you know about which promising newcomers and teams are looking like they will deliver a potential upset on a major esports stage.

Take your esports experience to the next level

Whilst many of the top esports competitions tend to be accompanied by a fair amount of hype, we’re going to try to uncover the facts about the teams and individuals who can help give you a winning bet.

And we will also give you plenty of information about which tournaments are going to be making a big impression on the esports calendar in the upcoming months.

After all, there seems to be more and more esports tournaments popping up each year, and we would hate for you to miss out on some spectacular betting opportunities!


In 2000, we were introduced to the World Cyber Games and the Electronic Sports Cup, both of which remain major esports events to this day. Major League Gaming was created in 2002, and hosts a variety of games and competitions – including The Winter Championships, which have boasted thousands of dollars in prizes. Other competitions that are often reported on when it comes to esports news include DreamHack and the GSL: Global StarCraft II League.


Because esports tournaments are worth serious amounts of money to professional gamers, this has spilled over into the world of esports betting. There is a lot of cash to be made by betting on the likes of League of Legends and Dota 2 – and consequently, lots of news coverage to go along with it. There is an abundance of betting sites that offer their own take on the latest esports news, but we recommend focusing on legitimate news sites that have plenty of coverage of everything that’s going on.

Making sure that you’re up to date with the latest esports news means that you never have to miss a second, and you’ll place much more intelligent esports bets!


We have already talked about how the esports world is evolving at a rapid pace. And whilst we think we’ve done a pretty good job in giving you the latest news and the best odds on all of the top esports events, we could always use some extra help.

So that’s why we are asking you if you’d like to help us in covering the rapidly changing world of esports.

Whether you are an expert on Dota 2, or prefer to watch the first-person shooting action of CS:GO, then let us know if you could help to contribute to our esports service.

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