Skrill, which was formerly known as Moneybookers, has been around since it was established in 2001. Since then, the company has established a reputation as a safe and efficient method of making deposits for esports betting. It is particularly trusted in the world of online betting, largely because it is very quick and easy to use, and also has a reputation for being very secure. 

The company is based in London, but also has headquarters offices in several other countries, a sign of its global reach; and one of the many reasons that customers trust Skrill for making deposits. As well as its British offices in London, Skrill also operates premises in New York, in the USA, in Stockholm, in Sweden, and Vienna, in Austria. 

The company can process transactions in all major currencies, and its reach extends to almost 200 different countries. The company employs more than 500 staff, who have their origins in over 30 countries. On this basis, we can recommend Skrill for making payments to your account.


Skrill is one the most widely accepted payment methods across the internet, especially when it comes to online gambling. Here at, we are proud to accept Skrill as a method of payment. Placing esports bets with Skrill is therefore very straightforward indeed. Other payment methods such as PaySafecard or Neteller do not tend to have the same ubiquity as Skrill. 

It can be worth using Skrill in order to take advantage of special bonuses, and supplement esports betting funds so that you have more to play with on your favourite games. 

Skrill has become increasingly popular for esports betting fans in recent years, largely because it is fast, flexible and convenient. Many of our members find this to be one of the best payments methods to use for putting money into their accounts. 

Swift & simple processing

Another plus point when it comes to using Skrill for esports betting sites like is the speed with which transactions are processed. Features such as Skrill 1 Tap make the process even speedier. This means that all customers who are keen on CS:GO betting, or enjoy a flutter on League of Legends or Dota 2, can withdraw their winnings to their account almost instantly. The cash is usually transferred within 24 hours, which is much quicker than using other means of payment, such as bank transfer. Most transactions are processed instantly. 


Another aspect of Skrill’s swift service is their low fees. While we don’t charge any fees for processing your payment, the fee for sending money internationally with Skrill is just 1.9 per cent. Fees are also capped at €20, which means that sending large amounts of cash for betting on events like the International will not cost you an excessive amount; and keeps your money where it should be: in your pockets, or even your account!

All that is needed to register for Skrill is an email address, adding to the simplicity of its use. Its reputation for speed and accuracy is shown by the way that Forex traders across the world favour its use. The company also has an app available for both Android and IoS users, which makes the process of paying for esports bets with Skrill even simpler. Topping up an account on the go is very simple with the app. This means that customers need never miss out on betting on CS:GO matches or similar while out and about. 

Company success demonstrates trustworthiness

In August of 2013, Skrill was sold again, this time to CVC Capital Partners, for €600 million. In 2015, ownership changed again, with Optimal Payments, a company who also owned Neteller, another payment method, acquiring the company for around €1.1 billion. The way in which the company’s value has risen is testament to its success at establishing itself as a key player in the global marketplace in its chosen industry – which is why we’ve adopted Skrill as one of our payment methods of choice. For this reason, we are proud to offer Skrill as a recommended payment method. This method of payment is very widely accepted online, and it is a very convenient and quick process to place an esport bet with Skrill as a payment method.


A further key feature of Skrill is that it is very secure and very safe to use. For one thing, using Skrill keeps a customer’s bank details confidential. No Skrill transactions ever show either card details or bank details, which can be very important in a world where hacking and other breaches of digital security are endemic. 

Placing esports bets with Skrill therefore adds an extra layer of security to a punter’s betting transactions. Skrill has developed a number of in house tools, as well as making use of additional technology from external developers, to ensure that every single payment that is processed is carefully monitored. Account behaviours and patterns are continually monitored to keep customers safe, and to spot any indications of fraudulent activity as quickly as possible.

Skrill also has a policy in place whereby funds lost to customers as a result of fraudulent transactions are refunded entirely. 

Providing you have fulfilled your own security responsibilities with regard to the safety of your account, then 100 per cent of any losses will be refunded by the company. Skrill can also provide additional support to customers whenever it is needed. 


Another facet of signing up for a Skrill account which may appeal to people who wish to use Skrill for esports betting is that they can apply for a Prepaid Skrill Mastercard. This is similar to a debit card, in that it carries a certain amount of funds, and can then be used to make deposits into your account.

Applying for the card is very simple and straightforward, and customers who apply will usually find out whether or not their application has been successful within a matter of weeks. The cards are available in four different currencies: British Pounds, US Dollars, Euros and Polish Zloty. 


You’ll be able to make esports betting deposits using this handy card, and also use it for withdrawing cash from an ATM. This adds an extra layer of flexibility to the experience of using Skrill, as it means that when you get a payout from a winning bet – you can withdraw it in cash.

A Skrill account is a fantastic tool for esports fans who wish to bet on all the latest and greatest events in the worlds of League of LegendsCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveDota 2 and more – check out the wide variety of markets that you can enjoy here at with your Skrill account.


A further positive aspect of using Skrill for betting on Dota or similar is that the customer can earn some significant additional benefits. You can get a lot back by choosing Skrill for esports betting – with lots of potential treats on the cards.

Skrill shares plenty of shopping offers with its customers, and they can receive some serious discounts at a number of different outlets, simply by being a Skrill customer. Offers on language lessons, web design packages and jewellery have all featured on Skrill’s bonus offers page on their website in recent times. There are also plenty of offers available for gamers, with a number of discounts provided if customers want to sign up to play online games via Skrill. So, you can get all these goodies, just for choosing Skrill for your esports betting!

Skrill also rewards its long term customers with membership of its VIP Club. If a customer spends a certain amount using Skrill every three months, then they will be enrolled in the club automatically. Transactions can be processed even more quickly for VIP members, while fees are lower, and customer support is available for 24 hours a day.


The first step in paying for anything with Skrill is to register for a Skrill account, which is free. All a customer needs to be able to register for a Skrill account is a valid email address. You can register for a Skrill account at the company’s website. When you sign up, you should register for a personal account, not a business account, if you want to place esports bets using Skrill. 

You will need to provide basic personal information, such as name, address and other details, before they can pay for an esport bet with Skrill. They will also need to choose a currency. 

After you’ve got your Skrill account set up, it’s time to get the ball rolling by getting registered with us here at Select Skrill as your payment method, make your first deposit – and you’re ready to start betting on all your favourite esports!


Using Skrill cuts down transaction fees and other costs. You to complete the process by registering a funding method for the account, which is usually a debit card or similar.

Paying for esports bets with Skrill is a pretty simple process, which should not take anyone much time. Once you have registered for an account with, you can get started almost straight away. 


The most common way for customers to pay for their bets on StarCraft II, or other esports games, is to use a credit or debit card. Visa is one of the most recognisable brands in world finance, with thousands of financial institutions across the globe issuing Visa debit and credit cards. 

Mastercard is Visa’s main rival, and has a similarly large reach across the world. Debit or credit cards are easy to use for betting on esports, and winnings can be simply transferred straight onto a card’s balance. 

Direct bank transfers are also sometimes used to transfer funds when it comes to betting, though this is very rare indeed. It may be useful for those of you who bet very frequently or are keen to deposit lots of cash for big events like the League of Legends World Championships.


Skrill is amongst the world elite when it comes to convenient and simple to use payment methods. It is easy to open a Skrill account, and it can be used to pay for betting on Team Kinguin, Team Solomid, Faze Clan or any of the other major esports teams which are currently on the scene. 

Safe, secure and with well-tested customer service options in place, Skrill is a good option for anyone who likes to bet across national boundaries. Sign up with today to start betting with Skrill!