Even if you know next to nothing about esports tournaments, they are often the best places where you can make a big return on your bet. This is because tournaments like DreamHack and Dota 2 The International routinely feature the biggest esports games that see the world’s best esports players competing for massive prize pools.

The great thing about betting on this relatively new phenomenon is that the esports calendar is always packed full of tempting wagering opportunities. Sign up today and get a bonus in the form of two risk free bets. 



Whilst many of our favourite betting sports occasionally take some downtime, it seems like there are always some big esports events on the go. 

However, it can take some research into knowing which esports tournaments feature the games that offer the strongest betting odds. Start by taking a tour of our info-pages, and get to learn the ropes of esports betting. 

Although massive CS:GO tournaments like the Intel Extreme Masters offer plenty of great betting opportunities, it’s worth remembering that iconic titles like Overwatch and League of Legends also have their own tournaments. 

These being namely the Overwatch League and the LoL World Championships.

So here’s a look at how esports tournaments like CWL Championship, Major League Gaming (MLG), eLeague, and ECS can offer your some great betting odds at

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Regardless of whether you’re looking to take a wager on the Esports Championship Series or the next big Super Smash tournament, you’re going need to know how tournament betting works.

Most people who have done a little esports betting will know how websites like consistently offer competitive odds on individual matches. But tournament betting gives you the chance to place bets on the overall results of the tournaments. This means that you get to follow the progress of your favourite esports players and teams as they make their way through the stages of the top esports tournaments. 

Whilst this can often present us with some long odds, the eventual payoff can be pretty immense and it shows that it’s not just the huge prize pools of these esports tournaments that can deliver some massive winnings.

Many esports betting fans like to use websites like ours to try a variety of different bets for the big gaming tournaments. Whilst betting on the overall tournament winner can often give you some huge winnings, it’s often a risky gamble as the esports betting world can very unpredictable.

So this is why using an accumulator throughout can often be more of a failsafe option as it means that whether you are betting on StarCraft or Black Ops, you stand a better chance of getting a return on your bet.


If you go to any esports website, then the chances are that they will mention The Dota 2 International at some point. This massive esports tournament is hosted by Valve Corporation, who parade their flagship game with grand theatrics and insanely high prize pools. The annual competition has been running for many years, and it routinely sees over a dozen top-class teams of Dota 2 players competing for a prize pool that frequently runs over $20 million. A big reason as to why thousands of people flock to Seattle to watch this massive gaming event, is that it always provides plenty of spectacular entertainment.

We’ve already seen legendary teams like Evil Geniuses and Invictus Gaming consolidate their phenomenal reputations at The International. This is why it’s always wise to follow these teams’ progress at so that you know when the betting odds are too good to ignore. Obviously, you don’t have to go to Seattle to enjoy betting on this massive esports competition, as this event gets a huge amount of coverage on video games streaming websites like But for the ultimate chance to make some big winnings through The International, it’s best to keep your betting at


Also known as ‘the Worlds’, this epic tournament is a must for anybody who wants to bet on the famous League of Legends battle arena title. As League of Legends is the most watched video game in the world, it’s obvious that this tournament routinely provides some of the most generous promotions and competitive odds.

In fact, the LoL World Championships has become so popular that the tournament is even being considered for inclusion in one of the future Olympic Games sporting extravaganzas. The annual event travels around the world but has a history of taking place in Los Angeles. And it is the culmination of an entire season’s worth of LoL action, so it can pay off to do a little research before the finals to see which teams can give you the winning result.

Speaking of history, check out our article covering the history of esports.

In the past we’ve seen Korean teams like SK Telecom T1 dominating the gaming action, but as esports grows in popularity, we can expect to see plenty more challengers looking for an upset. So be sure to keep an eye on the odds at to see if an outside bet can give you some surprisingly lucrative winnings.


Whether you’re betting on Ops III or Dota 2, you’re going to need to know which players consistently perform strongly at these top-level events. So we’ve included a quick shortlist of some of the most legendary esports players out there so that you can take a bet at with a little more confidence. Note that some of these players are also featured in our esports hall of fame.


You can’t discuss the best esports tournament players and not start by talking about Faker. This legendary Korean gamer has dominated League of Legends tournaments for many years now, and he’s become something of a global ambassador for the game by appearing on the front cover of ESPN’s magazine. And whilst Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok has earned millions of dollars through his gaming exploits, it’s clear that his journey is far from over and he always represents a solid betting opportunity.

But Faker would never have achieved such a strong global position were it not for the pioneering achievements of his fellow countryman, Boxer. Also known as Lim Yo Hwan, this Korean gaming icon pretty much single-handedly made Starcraft one of the essential esports games, and he also helped South Korea become a true esports superpower.


South Korea does not have a complete monopoly on esports. This is especially true when you look at the betting form for Counter Strike-stars like fOrest. 

Also known as Patrik Lindberg, this great Swedish player managed to help his previous team, Fnatic, become a key player in the CS:GO realm. 

And whilst he has switched to the Ninjas in Pyjamas team, he still represents one of esports' most formidable players.


Another great Swedish player who has followed fOrest’s enviable career arc is GeT_RiGhT. 

Long considered one of the greatest CS:GO players of all-time, he pretty much single-handedly pioneered the concept of each team having a ‘lurker’ player. And at just 27-years of age, it’s clear that GeT_RiGhT is one of the most feared players in the game.

But what’s fascinating about esports is that each game seems to have its own star players who can always provide us with some reliable betting opportunities. 

For example, it would generally be foolish to bet against the Ukranian star, Dendi, in any Dota 2 tournament, and similarly there are plenty of failsafe winnings in store if you were to bet on Crimsix in a Call of Duty competition like Cod World League.


We can’t talk about esport tournament betting without a quick discussion of DreamHack. Not only is this massive Swedish esporting extravaganza the biggest digital festival in the world, but it also has branched out across the globe and has become an important part of any esports betting fans’ calendar.

The great thing about DreamHack is that it always presents a massive range of gaming titles for you to bet on. From established esports classics like CS:GO and StarCraft, to some lesser-seen esports games like Mortal Kombat XL and Team Fortress, it shows that there is always something interesting to follow.

One of the most established tournaments

DreamHack is also one of the longest-running esports tournaments. Whilst its origins in a high school cafeteria in Sweden might not seem too impressive, its enviable position as one of the world’s key esports tournaments with some of the biggest prize pool winnings shows just how quickly things can change in the esports realm.

And it’s important to remember that DreamHack takes place twice each year. So if you want to place a bet on an iconic team like SK Gaming, or want to watch how rising stars like Neeb are becoming key players in this exciting realm, it’s clear that DreamHack is a very important tournament for betting fans to follow.


Of course, it’s not just individual players who can provide some great betting options, as you should definitely consider how gives you the chance to place a bet on some of the world’s best esports tournament teams.

It’s fascinating to see how certain teams have risen to become fearsome names in the world of esports in just a handful of years. So here’s a look at the best tournament teams to keep an eye on.

Evil Geniuses

We’ve already mentioned how Evil Geniuses have become one of the best teams to play at the Dota 2 The International tournament. But the American team have also branched out with successes in games as far ranging as Starcraft, Street Fighter and Halo. And with an estimated value of over $27 million, it’s clear that they are one of the all-time greats.


And what about Fnatic who have become something of a household name in the esports realm. From CS:GO, to League of Legends and Overwatch, this UK-based team are now a massive global brand with millions of fans following their activities via their social media channels.

Team Secret

One team who have been making a great showing at many Dota 2 tournaments is Team Secret. From epic successes at the ESL One in Frankfurt, to respectable performances at the Dota Asia Championships, it’s evident that European Dota 2 squad are a team to watch.

Virtus Pro

And it’s been great to see how Russian teams like have become increasingly important in the esports betting scene. In just over a decade, this fearsome team have performed strongly in games like CS:GO, Dota 2 and Starcraft, and with an exceptional performance at this year’s DreamHack in Las Vegas, it looks like are going from strength to strength.

Plenty of other teams to bet on too

Other great esports teams that could offer you strong odds at include the likes of Ninjas in Pyjamas, Cloud9 and Team SoloMid. But it’s always the Korean teams who represent some of the best betting opportunities out there.

And in particular, it’s the legendary SK Telecom T1 who always deliver a real masterclass in esports. Whether you see them in action in League of Legends or Starcraft, this top Korean side haS managed to deliver betting fans a level of consistency that has made them the envy of the esports world.


Of course, it’s not just iconic tournaments like DreamHack and The International that offer you some great betting opportunities at

This is because the esports realm is so dynamic and varied that you will always find some great odds on smaller esports events that take place in-between the major tournaments.

Whether it’s betting on the early stages of the Lol World Championships, or just taking a wager on an upcoming Overwatch festival, it all helps you to build up your knowledge of esports, so that you can get a winning result the next time that one of the big tournaments comes around.

So that regardless if you’re betting on an individual Hearthstone showdown, or are examining the odds for an upcoming Heroes of the Storm competition, you can always count on to give you some very competitive odds.

But it’s worth remembering that it is the major esports tournaments like the Intel Extreme Masters and ESL One that often feature the biggest promotions to ensure that when you get lucky, you’ll get some truly spectacular winnings!