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Both the experienced players and newcomers to eSports betting are welcome on our site that strives to create a valuable eSports community. Members and visitors can learn about the latest eSports betting sites, bonuses, and take part in the community.

You can also read our reviews on gaming gear, and get to know about the best places to bet on eSports! We always have fresh news about the top eSports betting websites, and the features that players may be interested in. Join us and we can make the process of placing eSports bets much easier than ever before!

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When it comes to placing esports bets, you need to be certain that you’re betting with an operator who is reputable, trustworthy, and offers a fantastic esports betting process from start to finish. We at esportsbetting.com have sought to help you find the very best esport betting sites with our in-depth operator comparison, making it simpler than ever for you to find an operator who suits your requirement.

We study esport betting websites at great depth, analysing everything from their esports betting website design and how the site functions, and which esports betting market options are available, to whether the operator provides an esports betting app for its users. All of our reviews are conducted by highly-experienced assessors of esport betting real money websites, so you can be sure of an objective comparison that identifies the real best of the best in the world of esports betting websites.

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About the Operators of the Month

Our operators of the month section will be your next favorite stop at our site. Not only can you learn about the latest prominent eSports betting sites, but you can also check out the sites with the greatest advancement.

Whether it’s for the new and convenient eSports betting features or an update in the betting options, you will be notified. Here, we drop the details regarding the top eSports betting websites of the month to help you select the best eSports gambling site!

For this section, we’ll both review some new sites with promising betting options, and existing sites with the latest updates. On top of that, we’ll let you know about the comparison details of the site that enter the operators of the month selection.

Comparison of eSports betting websites

Finding the perfect place to bet on the best eSports games isn’t as easy as it may seem. That’s why our experts will give you a glimpse of the best traits of quality betting sites, and their comparison. By following our lead, you get access to crucial features and benefits of specific sites.

This is an important factor when it comes to betting on eSports games since not all the sites enforce the same rules and advantages. Of course, it also has to do with the personal preference of players, but in most cases, the comparison shows the highlights of the sites that most players enjoy.

Here are some of the key features of operator comparison that we strive to focus on:

  • Availability of eSports betting bonuses
  • Choice of betting odds on the site
  • Mobile optimization of the site
  • Possibility of placing a live bet on eSports
  • Payment options are accepted by the site
  • Reliability and licenses

All these factors influence the final decision made by players regarding the choice of the best site. In this section, you can learn about the differences in services offered by eSports betting sites reviewed by our experts.

Tips for betting on eSports

Whether it comes to sports betting or betting on eSports games, it all comes down to having the right tips. In eSports, it’s important to follow the OP players, buffed weapons, and other in-game details that may affect the outcome of a game.

However, betting tips for eSports betting online spread on much more than knowing the important game factors. You have probably guessed that there are no betting tips that are 100% effective and ensure a winning bet.

Still, some pointers may greatly affect your betting expertise and the possibility of placing winning bets. If you’re one of the players looking for this exact type of betting aid, you have come to the right place! Our team of experts has a great deal of experience in both eSports as games and betting on eSports events.

That is why we’re qualified to recommend to you some of the best betting tips that you can find. Tips are always handy for players that understand their purpose. It is, after all, a kind of gambling, but with the right pieces of advice, every player can make a winning bet.

Comparison of eSports Betting Bonuses

Let’s face it, bonuses are priceless to online eSports bettors as they give you a chance to make a difference right at the start. In the modern age of betting on eSports, a lot of it comes down to picking the site with the best bonus offers.

Bonuses can give you a starting boost in betting funds, provide you with free bets, or act as odds boosts. Either way, these offer great help in making the best possible eSports bet. Bonuses can be used to wager on the best that you might not be prepared to bet on with your money. Without the bonuses, the whole experience of eSports betting online wouldn’t be the same.

These are the most frequent ways of betting bonus comparison for eSports:

  • Availability of the free bet bonus
  • Cash boost amount
  • Wagering terms and requirements
  • Time restrictions for using the bonus
  • Minimum odds requirements

Bonuses for betting on eSports can also be used to boost your initial betting bankroll or to try out various betting odds.

Some sites have bonuses that are limited to specific bet values, while others will try to include a winning cap. The limits can also be related to the time frame of using the bonus because if you miss this chance, the bonuses will be useless.

Best eSports Strategies

Not even playing on the best eSports betting sites can replace the importance of having a great betting strategy. Luckily, you will be able to learn all about the best strategies for eSports betting online, as well as share some of your strategies.

Sharing with the community is a part of our identity, so all of you are welcome to share and learn here. Besides the strategies for eSports betting, you can also find out about the gaming strategies and other important pointers.

For instance, you can find all the current Dota 2 eSports betting strategies on the site. We will also recommend the eSports betting website that is best suited for your type of strategy and play.

There will be some discussion on the best eSports to bet on as well, so stay tuned with this section to get the most out of the experience! If you want to learn about the best eSports betting strategies and tips, you’ve come to the right place.

We also strive to motivate our visitors to discuss the strategies among themselves for the sake of the entire community. This way, we can make eSports betting online a much easier process for every visitor!

eSports betting Payment options comparison

The selection of payment systems on the site is crucial for new players. The common dilemma is how to bet on eSports with the limited choice of payment options offered by major sites. Some players don’t have access to certain payment methods, so having a variety of options is essential.

A great example is the PayPal eSports betting sites that enforce this specific method of payment. Here are some of the most common payment methods for eSports betting websites:

  • Credit cards
  • E-wallets
  • Direct bank transfers

There are dozens of specific solutions for managing transactions to eSports betting sites. Most frequently, the betting sites include methods like Skrill, Neteller, VISA, MasterCard, Trustly, EcoPayz, and PayPal.

The difference is that some casinos take longer to process some deposit methods when compared to swift-processing solutions. It all comes down to picking the site with a fast and secure method for convenience matters.

News from the eSports betting world

The world of eSports is always filled with exciting news and we’re here to keep you informed. You can read about the best eSports betting sites, best deals and bonuses, and results of the latest matches. Dedicated blocks of news can help you find specific news about League of Legends betting, and other games.

You can also find the introduction to new eSports betting online games and new operators on the eSports gambling scene. Spicy subjects are always there, so you can easily find all the details about your favorite games, tournaments, and betting options.

Special Deals and Bonuses

Some of the best bonuses for eSports betting online can be found on our page with the latest eSports betting offers. Together, we can make eSports betting online much more pleasant with superb promotions. Visit us and scroll down the list to find the most relevant and recent odds boosts and bonuses!

If you plan to bet on eSports, there is no better way to start things off than by using the bonuses. Take a look at our list of top-rated betting boosts for eSports events. You can find everything from free cash for betting, to free bets and odds boosts!

Why we are unique

Get to know why others consider us unique in the field! Everything on the site is as transparent as possible for you, and so are the reviews and comments here. We want you to feel familiar with the site and relate to the opinions of other community members.

Combined, all the comments and reviews help us build a better place for those that bet on eSports, follow the results, or play eSports games.

Our methods of evaluating the best eSports betting sites

Our experts go through a detailed review of every eSports gambling site that we examine for you. To form a final opinion on the site, we consider numerous aspects. From pure playing convenience to important technical details like means of payment, we review it all.

It’s also helpful for players that we review specific areas of the site, so you can get all the details on the site before even registering. Here are some of the main criteria that we consider when reviewing the best eSports betting operators:

1) Background information on the site – To check if the site is reliable in service, we review its origins and development agencies. Once we know that the site is handled by a trusted and renowned group in the business, we can recommend the site to you to avoid any issues.

2) Pros and cons of the site – Like when finding the best eSports to bet on, our experts place all the details on paper and divide the info into two categories. Advantages and disadvantages to the site always help form a final opinion on the site and its services.

3) Types of bonus offers – Another crucial aspect of our review of casinos and sites that allow you to bet on eSports is the bonus offer. There are various types of bonuses, we make sure that you get the exact idea of the list of available promos.

4) Site usability – Navigation through the site is certainly among the most important factors of the best eSports betting sites. You simply can’t rely on sites that have poor feedback time, especially when placing a live eSports bet.

5) Payment options – A lot of it depends on the available payment options of the best eSports betting operators. For a quality eSports betting online session, you have to find a site with swift payment options. Luckily, we are there for you with the choice of available options for all the sites we review.

6) Customer support service – We want to make sure that a site with our approval has a fast responding support service. Also, sites with betting on eSports games must have three levels of customer service: live chat, email, and telephone lines.

7) Licenses of the site – All of the eSports betting websites that pass our review have genuine and trustworthy online gambling licenses. Being able to relax and fully trust the operator is one of the most important factors of eSports betting online.

8) Loyalty awards – Our reviews of the top eSports bookmakers always include the details regarding the VIP club of the site. You will find all sorts of loyalty awards and information on how to qualify for these offers by reading our reviews.

9) How to bet on eSports on the site? – Sometimes, eSports betting sites can be confusing when it comes to finding the lists of odds or available events. We will always make sure that you have an exact idea of how to bet on eSports on various sites.

10) List of available eSports – If you enjoy betting on eSports games, we will provide you with an account of all the games available on the sites. Mostly, the best eSports betting operators involve CS:GO eSports betting, League of Legends, Dota 2, and other popular games that we will always point out.

Games and Slots

Besides being able to bet on eSports, you can also find other exciting games on the best eSports betting sites. Usually, games that catch the most attention are online slots. These games rely on RTP and are very much different from betting on eSports games.

While the best eSports to bet on are LOL, CS: GO, Dota 2, Starcraft II, and Overwatch, the choice is completely different with slots. Slot games come in thousands when compared with popular eSports games. Some of the most popular providers of slots you can find in our recommendations are Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n GO, Pragmatic Play, Big Time Gaming, and others.

The usual RTP for slots is 96%, which means that you get your wager value back in 96 out of 100 spins. Of course, there will be cases where you strike x1000 of the bet in a few spins, and sometimes you will face a losing streak.

Nevertheless, your chances are best if you go with some of the most popular slot games today:

  • Sweet Bonanza
  • Wolf Gold
  • Eye of Horus Megaways
  • Immortal Romance
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Gems Bonanza
  • Power of Thor Megaways
  • Book of Dead
  • Bonanza slot
  • Mystery Museum slot

Some of these games can even end up giving you a profit in the value of x10,000 your bet. Besides the modern slots with staggering payout potential, there are also some classic slots on these sites. A quality eSports betting website and casino should also have a Book of Ra slot, Cleopatra II, Lucky Lady’s Charm, and other classic releases.

Most Important Sections of the Site

You’ll find many important sections on our site where the experts from the eSports betting online field evaluate the sites. Our team is dedicated to bringing you all the refreshments and major changes in the best eSports betting sites and casinos, as well as the general details.

To make sure that you have it in your routine to explore the site’s most important sections, we will thoroughly go over the most important ones. Here are the key sections that may catch your attention on our site:

1)  Casino comparison – As mentioned, our experts evaluate the best eSports betting sites through several categories. We compare the sites based on the details of the categories such as bonuses, customer service, usability, and others. Also, some sites allow you to bet on eSports that other sites don’t include in the selection, so we will help you find such operators!

2)  Comparison of the bonuses – While we evaluate the eSports betting sites, we always compare the bonus offers. Bonuses like free bets, free betting cash, or odds boosts are crucial for having a quality betting experience. Our eSports betting guides will help you find the most convenient offers!

3)  Reviews of the specific bonus offer – When it comes to eSports gambling, some sites include specific types of bonuses. We make sure that you know the details about each bonus type on eSports betting websites, to help you catch an early boost.

4)  Slots and casino games – Sometimes, the players turning to our services are not just satisfied with the best eSports betting choice. Demanding players will always look for more on popular sites, including slot games and casino games. Luckily, we’ll let you know about all the available game types on eSports betting websites!

5)  Payment options – Sometimes, not even having the best eSports to bet on helps the site pass our judgment without accordant payment methods. The best eSports betting operators will always have convenient payment options, and we will make sure you are familiar with them.

6)  eSports betting strategies – The top eSports betting websites require you to have at least some form of strategy. You don’t want to get poor results because of the lack of strategy, so we will help you with it.

7)  Guide – If you’re new to making a bet on eSports, we can help you learn your way through the sites. A proper eSports betting website should have the best offers with an easy-to-use interface.

FAQ Bet on eSports Online:

🤩What details on eSports betting websites can I find on this site?

Our eSports betting guides can help you get the right idea of how betting on eSports games works. Also, by following our comparison sections, you can easily see the advantages and disadvantages of different sites. Once you know all the information, you can make the best choice of eSports gambling site. 

🎮What are the best eSports to bet on currently?

 Some of the best eSports betting online options include League of Legends eSports betting, Dota 2, CS: GO, Starcraft II, and others. We will always keep you informed about the sites offering these games for betting.

💲Which sections of the best eSports betting sites are crucial?

Several important sections make a site fit among the best eSports betting sites. These include eSports deposit methods, offered eSports gambling games, bonuses, and customer support.

🚀How can I learn to bet on eSports online?

If you want to be an expert in eSports betting online, make sure to follow our news, reviews, and comparison of sites. We also offer unique tips and strategies, as well as advice on finding the best eSports betting offers.

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