CSGO IEM tournament – Playoffs are kicking in

The group stage is over and we finally got our teams that made it to the playoffs stage at the CSGO IEM tournament at Katowice. Namely, 6 of the best teams advanced into the next stage at this tournament.

Now the real fun starts, for both fans and bettors. We know that NaVi and Heroic are seeded in the semifinals while there are 4 teams in the quarterfinals. The good news is that all matches are going to be BO3 with the exception of grand finals which are BO5.

The road so far

It’s clear that there are lots of surprises when it comes to clear winners at this tournament. For example, no one would suspect that Team Liquid would play only 2 matches and 5 maps in this tournament. Their lineup clearly is strong but it felt like they were lacking some communication and discipline in their gameplay. Besides that, Ninjas in Pyjamas were so close to advancing into the playoffs while most people wouldn’t give them any chance even in the group stage.

Anyhow, as the group stage is over, we are set for the playoffs stage which will be packed with heat and action. Quarterfinals matches will start on February 25th with FaZe Clan opening against Gambit Esports. Shortly after their match, we’re in for a real treat since Virtus.pro is going against G2 Esports. This is definitely a great draft as we can see some really nice matches between teams that belong to different regions. Simply put, Gambit Esports and Virtus.pro are CIS teams while G2 Esports and FaZe Clan are EU teams.

Nevertheless, IEM CS:GO Katowice tournament never lacked any action, and that’s possibly the best part about the whole thing. Bettors will have some interesting choices to make before the quarterfinals and semifinals start, as on one can surely say that any team has the upper hand. Bettors will have some interesting choices to make before the quarterfinals and semifinals start, as on one can surely say that any team has the upper hand.

Betting on IEM Katowice CS:GO tournament

As CSGO IEM tournament at Katowice is one of the biggest tournaments in the professional scene, it’s only normal to see so much action. With the 24 teams in this tournament, we are now down to 6 of the best. However, bettors had a chance to place some really interesting bets during the Play-in and Group stage phases of this tournament. There were lots of surprises as well, so this only shows that this tournament is definitely not an easy task for betters.

Luckily, we are here with some great insights you can check at our CS:GO betting guide. On top of that, lots of bookmakers who gave such high odds for underdog teams are now approaching carefully with setting odds for the playoffs stage. For example, bet365 set quite realistic odds for both teams to win in the first match of the quarterfinals between G2 Esports and Virtus.pro. It’s a good idea to check their promo codes if you want to take advantage of the bonus they offer.

Obvious Choice for Bettors

Considering the fact that NaVi is currently stomping the CS:GO professional scene, they might be the best option to bet on. However, NaVi is seeded directly in the semifinals so you can actually place only 1 or 2 bets on them. And, if you want to explore more options, then it would be a good idea to explore what reliable bookmakers have to offer. There are lots of interesting bets and odds you can check at bet365.

On the other hand, the Heroic team is in great condition at the moment with their fresh lineup from Denmark. However, the last time they met NaVi or G2 Esports, they lost 2-1. Both matches were so close all up to the end, but Heroic couldn’t seal the deal there. Now, they are back on their horse so it might be a good idea to place all-in bets on them.

All in all

With everything we said, it’s clear that making a bet at the IEM Katowice CS:GO tournament is not an easy decision. Even though NaVi is in excellent form and Heroic has a newly added player that makes them so fierce, it’s never easy to decide who to put your money on.

Hopefully, you can find your answer by carefully examining statistics and matches before playoffs. Also, don’t forget to check all reliable bookmakers to find the best odds possible.

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