Fortnite Tournaments 2022 – Illegal Reset changes

With the new 15.30 patch that came out recently, Fortnite made a lot of fuss for their upcoming professional scene and players. Namely, a confusing warning was released to players making them think that they were going to get banned.

Not everyone got this “illegal restart’’ warning, but those who did are in a pickle since it’s not clear what it means. So, we’ll cover that today and see what people had to say about this and how it will impact the professional scene and betting in general.

A brief intro into the “illegal restart’’

The new patch was released on Tuesday morning, and everything was pitch-perfect until people started getting massages from the client. The message was:

“Behavior warning – Due to your recent actions, you have been issued a competitive warning for Illegal Restart. Please refrain from repeat offenses or you may receive an account ban.”

So, it’s clear that some players will get their account banned, but it’s not clear why this is happening and who will be the first one to fall. Furthermore, people started speculation about Epic Games getting out of hand with this new update. However, not long after the warning hit some players online, Epic Games made a statement saying that this might be a bug for some players. Meaning the message was sent in error to those that didn’t enter multiple events at the same time.

All in all, this warning was definitely not fake, and people are now wondering how to keep their accounts alive since Epic Games will start banning them. Those who were playing on multiple events or with more than one account will definitely get a ban now.

How will this impact fans and bettors

First of all, the whole idea of this warning and banning action is not to make any big changes to the already working professional scene. The only thing that “illegal restart’’ will change is the number of tries one player has in one event/tournament. For example, if you want to play the same qualification tournament in the NA East region, and you perform poorly, you can’t now sign up for EU qualification and try again. This change will prevent players from abusing the system and balance everything so it seems fair and square.

On the other hand, this might affect fans and bettors badly as they will have fewer players to bet on. If you, for example, want to bet on only NA region players, you will now be able to calculate odds and chances accordingly. Meaning, only NA players will compete against each other, there won’t be mixed regions in the qualification stage of many tournaments.

When it comes to betting in general, it might be a good idea to check the eSport betting guide. This way, you can prepare for some changes in the Fortnite professional scene and maybe even take advantage of some good odds. This is simply a solid update that forces players to play in their own region, not competing in other regions or with multiple accounts.

Impact on the professional scene

We can safely say that the professional scene in this game is not going to change significantly since this update went live. The fact that many players are looking to put even more effort into preparing for the tournaments now will only improve the quality of matches and games. Therefore, it’s a good idea to find the best Fortnite betting sites for 2022.

Also, the ‘’illegal restart’’ will only affect those who are abusing the system, therefore, it’s safe to say that other players are safe. This is, of course, good news since we all have someone which we love to bet on.

Betting on Fortnite now

When it comes to betting on Fortnite now, we can definitely agree that Fortnite tournaments 2022 will be even better. It’s expected that these events will have even more players now that the abusers will be stopped. On top of that, the list of Fortnite tournaments 2022 is only going to grow. So, apart from major tournaments like Fortnite World Cup and Winter Royale, we’re expected to see even more small events that will definitely drive more players.

And, with more players and more tournaments going on in the professional scene, bettors will have more options and better odds to catch. Betway has got you covered there!


All in all, “illegal restart’’ is definitely changing how Fortnite tournaments are going to be played right now. Players will not be able to participate in the same tournament more than once. Also, account abuse will be brought to zero now.

With that on our mind, it’s clear that we can safely bet on our favorite players now, without worrying whether they will get abused.

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