Week 4 League of Legends LCL Spring 2022 Tournament Preview

The LCL may be one of the smallest LoL eSports professional leagues, but it doesn’t mean it lacks great betting opportunities. Week 4 is about to start, and you should definitely start looking at great bookies now.

Eight teams are participating in League of Legends LCL Spring 2022, and we’re going to look at why some of them are the favorites while others are underdogs. To help you better decide which team to back, we’ve also included the odds being offered right now. (Note that we’re not giving any direct betting advice).

League of Legends LCL Favorite: Unicorns of Love

When you look at the teams participating in LCL Spring 2022, you probably won’t be familiar with most of them, except one: Unicorns of Love. Unicorns of Love won LCL Spring 2021 and made it to World Championship, making them the clear favorite of this current LCL event. Even though they fell off at the early stages of last year’s Worlds, the kind of performance that got them there is still something that eSports betting sites are considering.

It’s important to point out that Unicorns of Love has had massive roster changes. During the off-season on November 29, they completely let go all of their former players and signed a completely new one, which includes Aleksandr “NoNHoly” Ovchinikov, Finn-Lukas “Don Arts” Salomon, Alexey “Phlaty” Lemeshchuk, Artyom “Shiganari” Pervushin, Alexander “Lekcyc” Lexikov. Little is known about this roster although they’ve all been to second-rate eSports teams before.

So, is the new Unicorns of Love better than its previous form? While they’ve been solid so far, the jury is still out as we’re only at Week 4 of the LCL Group Stage. There are more opportunities for teams to pick up on their mistakes, study their opponents’ weaknesses, and implement fresh strategies. What we can only say is that the top teams who have perfect standings haven’t faced Unicorns of Love yet (and vice versa), which means we’re yet to witness the most crucial moment of the tournament.

CIS LoL eSports Outside Bet: CTRL PLAY and Vega Squadron

There are a couple of underdogs in the small pool of teams battling in the CIS region: CTRL PLAY and Vega Squadron. At the time of writing, both teams haven’t won a single match in the tournament, and we can point out some of the reasons why. First, CTRL PLAY and Vega Squadron have had very recent roster changes. In late December, CTRL PLAY wiped the slate clean by forming an entirely new roster. With Vega Squadron, the roster changes happened only a month ago, when they also announced their new lineup.

The two organizations differ in age though. Vega Squadron has been around since 2015 and has won $150,000, approximately. We find it weird that a team that’s been in the league as early as 2015 is still being considered an underdog. That said, we looked at Vega Squadron’s history and found that they’re a wild card. For example, in LCL Summer 2019 and 2016, they won 1st and 2nd, respectively. The rest they finished anywhere between 3rd to last. This makes their case interesting. Are they going to continue losing at Group Stage or are they going to beat the odds and make a comeback?

On the other hand, CTRL PLAY hasn’t got much to show for. They only started about a year ago, and they haven’t won any noteworthy LoL eSports events (even Bet365 eSports has no odds to offer for them). Also, they finished last in LCL Spring 2021, but who knows? Maybe their new roster will pop off even just once in the upcoming weeks to make some underdog bettors big money.

Current Standing and Odds

In Week 1 and 2, the leading teams went against the underdogs we’ve just mentioned, which immediately put the standings right where they should be. At the moment, One Breath Gaming and Team Spirit are at the top with 4-0 scores. Next to them are Unicorns of Love and Black Star Gaming with 3-1. Again, they haven’t faced off each other yet and bookies are still finalizing their odds for the rest of Week 4.

Luckily, Unibet is already done assigning odds. In the upcoming matchups between CTRL PLAY and CrowCrowd, they’re offering 2.40 for the former and 1.50 for the latter. Vega Squadron (1.90) versus Dragon Army (1.80) has an incredibly tight spread, while Unicorns of Love (1.40) against Black Star (2.75) is the exact opposite. If you’re looking for a bookie that’s always a step ahead of its competitors, make sure to check out our Unibet reviews.

Our Conclusion: Anything Can Happen

Everything becomes confusing because of the recent roster changes, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing for eSports bettors. Why? Because there’s always a chance that underdogs will pull an upset after all the shuffles and roster adjustments. Bookies use the past to predict which team will win a matchup, but “past” is exactly what a new lineup with new players lacks. If you want a safe pick, go for the dominating teams like Unicorns of Love and Team Spirit. If you’re an underdog bettor, perhaps CTRL PLAY and Vega Squadron still have a fight in them and will show up to perform later on.

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