Overwatch Professional Scene will Continue to Grow with OW2

As with every successful game, there comes the time when things move forward and improve in the best possible light. That’s exactly what’s happening with Overwatch. Namely, we’ve all heard about Overwatch 2 coming out.

The sequel will mostly focus on PvE and it will provide a perfect platform for gaming on both desktop and console. In addition to that, some professional Overwatch players already got the chance to play OW2 and see what it brings to the whole community. In that light, let’s see everything that happened and how it will affect the fans.

OW2 Workshop – Pro players are trying it out

First of all, it’s important to mention that Overwatch has a really unique workshop mode that allows players to explore the game as a creator, not the player. Here, any user will be able to enter the mode and create maps, see other people’s creations, and even moderate the game in a unique way. That’s exactly what one professional OW team did. Simply put, Paris Eternal, a popular French team in the Overwatch professional scene, explored in this mode the possible OW2 in order to prepare for the possible changes to the game.

With help from one of the leaders in the Workshop mode, the Coby “CactusPuppy’’ Zhong, the Paris Eternal team had a chance to explore and see how OW2 looked firsthand. This move was intentionally made so they can prepare for the major change that’s coming, including the pro scene switching from 6v6 to 5v5.

Thinking ahead of the curve

With a simple move like this, the Paris Eternal team is one step ahead of other teams in terms of preparation. This includes both in-game preparation for matches and games, and preparation for the changes into the rooster and professional scene in Overwatch. That being said, a lot of people who were betting on them in Overwatch will now have another team to bet on in OW2. And, if you feel the same, you can always check out our eSport betting reviews and see what’s the most convenient place to place a bet.

Furthermore, Blizzard haven’t announced the Overwatch 2 release date, so it’s not certain when the game will come out. In some Overwatch news, the release date was set for early 2023, but that’s yet to be confirmed. However, it’s certain that both Overwatch and OW2 will coexist like some other games you can find in our eSport betting guide. The only reason why they made OW2 is to keep the professional scene moving and make it wider for more people to play (console gamers).

All in all

With the unique preparation that Paris Eternal is doing each day, it’s certain that they will not be surprised when the OW2 comes. Since the Overwatch eSports scene is big, it will only grow more from now on and that’s something most professional teams should try to take advantage of.

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