Sony buying Bungie – Two Forces are Joining

Some great news is coming from the world of gaming as Sony Interactive Entertainment bought Bungie. The deal was set for $3.6 Billion which benefits both sides. Now, games like Destiny and Halo will be under the administration of Sony.

On top of that, this deal was planned for a long time, but it was actually completed right after Microsoft bought Activision Blizzard. Some would say that Sony is looking to strengthen its position as a gaming content provider. However, this is yet to be confirmed, so let’s take a closer look at what this deal actually represents.

Bright future ahead

Since the news became viral, most of the interested people ask if Sony owns Bungie now. Well, the answer is not actually that simple. Namely, Bungie is still an independent multiplatform for creating gaming content that lots of people love. However, Sony will only acquire them and move them over to their development studio. So, what does this actually mean?

This means that Bungie will now be part of Sony Interactive Entertainment, but it will continue to produce content and games as it normally did. This is probably the best solution for both sides since Bungie was in need of a well-known organization to ‘’look over them’’, and Sony can always benefit from getting more and more high-quality games.

Increasing their reach

Both sides are going to benefit a lot from this deal as they will increase their reach. Sony will have games that are played all over Europe and North America. On the other side, Bungie will now have the chance to create games for a much wider audience. Each of their upcoming games is going to be a perfect blend of quality and rich storyline available to everyone.

On top of that, the Bungie store will now have many more visitors as they are presented to a whole new audience that follows Sony. This will now create a special kind of bond between these two companies resulting in great games with lots of people playing them. Also, some of the best games from Bungie will be included in the eSport betting section of several great online casinos.

Perfect opportunity for bettors

As we already said, eSport betting enthusiasts will now have more games to bet on. Also, lots of games from Sony and Bungie will now have professional leagues and scenes. This will result in more coverage from the side of online casinos. This is actually a great way of enriching the whole eSport betting world scene with new games and ensuring versatility in betting options.

Being on the eSport betting scene is nothing new to Sony, but it’s actually a new concept for Bungie. Therefore, we can safely say that Bungie’s choice to work with Sony is a win-win deal.Sony buying Bungie will definitely create a change in the gaming world.

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