Acend v Guild eSports – Valorant Titans Go Head to Head

The main event of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 has started and it’s surely going to be a blast. Namely, the second match in the cross-table is going to be really fun to watch and to bet on.

Here, we will see a well-known Acend go against Guild Esports. Both teams are in a really strong shape which makes this match quite open for the taking. Let’s take a closer look at both teams and who’s the best option to put your money on in our Acend v Guild Esports preview!

Acend – Best EU team at the moment

With an incredible win rate percentage of 87%, Acend is definitely among the top EU teams at the moment. Some would say that this team is a perfect composition of smart, creative, and well-organized players that are ready to take upon anyone. They have 9 wins in the 10 latest matchups which definitely makes them a team to be afraid of. Their 1 loss was against Team Liquid at the Red Bull Home Ground #2 tournament, they lost in the finals 3-1.

Besides that, with kiles and straxo lineup perfectly, team Acend surely stands a chance against top VALORANT teams in the world.

Guild Esports – Worthy opponents

When it comes to Guild Esports, their overall win rate percentage is also quite amazing, they actually have a 73% win rate at the moment. It’s clear that they don’t have any problems going against strong teams like Acend, so we can expect a pretty interesting match in this group stage. Also, Guild Esports is the only team that qualified to the main event of this tournament without a single lost map in the grand final match of the qualifiers. This actually speaks a lot about them!

Their strongest players, Leo and trexx, are going to bring their A-game against Acend, that’s for sure! Therefore, it would be a shame to see them lose this match and ruin their 10-0 win streak.

Competitive rivalry on the highest level

Both teams are known to have professional and mannered players. However, despite that, a rivalry is strong among them. They met once in the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021, at a Stage 3 of the EU challengers, where Acend won easily 2-0. However, it’s been almost a year since this match was played so we can’t say that the past will repeat. Also, since both teams are fair and respect each other, there won’t be any cheating like with the T1 cheating case.

Team with the better odds

According to the online eSport casinos, it’s clear that Acend is the favorite for this match. However, this doesn’t have to be true since Guild Esports are well-prepared and ready to fight! If you’d look at the 22bet online casino, you’d see that they gave 3.22x odds for Guild Esports and only 1.275x odds for Acend. This is clearly a sign that most bookmakers are favoring Acend.

On the other hand, Gbet betting sites give a bit more realistic odds for Guild Esports with the 2.95 odds. At the same time, they are providing a decent 1.35x odds for Acend. With that in mind, it’s clear that these odds might impact bettors and give them a clear shot at getting some money. But, this type of betting is never completely safe, even if the odds are telling us a different story.

Perfect chance to begin with a win

With everything said so far, it’s clear that most bettors will go for the Acend here. They’ve got the upper hand. On top of that, there are more matches to be played so the pressure for the win is just not there for both teams. Meaning, they will both play their comfortable tactics and pick where Acend is a bit more trained and skilled.

On top of that, this match is perfect for betting since Acend is hungry for the win in order to place themselves high in the group. It’s clear that the Guild Esport team is strong and able to beat top EU teams at the moment, but they are clearly lacking a bit of creativity in their lineup. This might be a perfect way to take advantage of that and place a solid bet on Acend. Remember to check out our eSports betting reviews for the top Acend v Guild eSports betting tips.


All in all, betting on VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 EMEA Challengers 1 stage is definitely something you should do. There are more matches available in the next couple of weeks, so we will have a pretty great schedule for bettors. As for these teams, they are both looking strong but Acend got the upper hand since they respect the game a bit more than Guild Esports.

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