T1 Valorant Team is Eliminated from the VCT for Cheating

Strange things happened during the match between T1 and TSM in the Valorant Champions Tour Open Qualifier. Apparently, T1 used ‘’unauthorized communication’’ in order to get the advantage over the TSM player movement.

However, it didn’t take long for Riot Games to rule them out of the tournament for this season. Namely, the T1 Valorant squad was eliminated from the open qualifier, but they will be able to play other tournaments in the professional scene. Also, they are banned only for this year’s VCT, meaning they can play this tournament again next year.

Cheating leads to the elimination

Everything started with a tweet from Subroza, a player on the TSM team. He said that it felt like he was playing 6v5 since the coach of T1 was constantly typing and probably talking with T1 players during the match. That’s actually a pretty harsh and bold accusation that turned out to be true after all. T1 won the whole series with a score of 2-0. So, after their 13-7 win on the first map “Split’’, T1 continued to play aggressively which led them to the 8-4 score in the second map, right before the break. Then, Subroza tweeted and was pretty sure that they were cheating which led to the investigation of the admins.

Not so long after, they confirmed that T1 is actually using their coach for unauthorized communication which is forbidden by the rules. The Riot Games decision resulted in T1 being eliminated from the tournament and giving the win to TSM. This is not something that happens often in the world of gaming, but when it does happen, it can affect the eSports betting world as well. Namely, everyone who had their bet on T1 didn’t count on them using their coach and getting eliminated. That’s why it’s crucial to always check betting rules in eSport bookmaker reviews.

The next step for T1

So, what’s the next step for T1? After being eliminated from the tournament, it’s certainly not easy to get back in the driving seat. The good thing is that they are not completely banned across the whole Valorant professional scene. Instead, they are only eliminated from the tournament which they play the next year. The Valorant VCT is, however, the most important event throughout the whole year. That being said, we can all agree that the move T1 did is definitely not worth the effort.

Cheating in Valorant is strictly forbidden as the rules clearly state that coaches and staff are only able to communicate with the players when they are on technical and tactical pause. Therefore, it’s clear that T1 made a bad move with their coach talking with the players during the match. That’s the main reason why people who put a bet on T1 feel cheated on as well. In that light, Valorant is not the only game you can bet on. We have plenty of guides for eSport betting available for you to check.

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