DPC League Tour 3 is Starting – 6 Regions to Bet On

After the dust settled at the Stockholm Major, some changes in the lineups were made, and teams are now ready to start again. Therefore, DPC League Tour 3 is ahead of us all.

First of all, this Dota 2 tournament is a perfect place for bettors to catch some exciting matches with fantastic odds. On top of that, we’re in for some top-notch Dota as only the best teams from 6 regions battle for the place in Arlington Major, which will start in August.

Brief Info About the League

DPC tour 1 and tour 2 are over, and nothing changed in terms of format for this tour. Some teams advanced from Division 2 and are now fighting with the best squads in Division 1. Each region is made out of 2 divisions with 8 teams each. Teams will go against each other in a group stage where a single round-robin system is implemented. All matches will be Bo3.

Teams that end up from 1st to 4th position in the group will qualify for the Arlington Major and get 1000 DPC points divided accordingly. Those who end up in 5th and 6th place will just stay in the league for the next season. Lastly, those who are 7th and 8th are going to Division 2. There will also be some interesting commentators to ensure you have fun while watching the team you bet on.

Regions and Their Favorites

Battle will rage in all six regions through this DPC Tour 3 league. Therefore, we have North America, West EU, East EU, China, Southeast Asia, and South America. Anyhow, we’ll cover only the top 3 interesting regions where you can bet on the most intense matches with great odds.

West EU

One of the most interesting regions to bet on surely is West EU. Here, we will have the chance to observe teams like OG and Team Secret. Both of these teams are actually pretty good contesters for the first spot. Team Secret recently made a change in their lineup by adding Crystallis instead of Sumail. It seems they know what they need to do during their last bid for TI11!

On the other hand, OG is rocking hard without any change. They managed to win Stockholm Major with a majestic run from the lower bracket. Apart from these two teams, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to Tundra Esports and Alliance. Even though Alliance just came from the Division 2, they have an incredibly versatile lineup with w33 and Nikobaby. All in all, betting on Dota 2 was never this interesting in the West EU region.

North America

Everyone who followed DPC Tour 2 knows that the North American region is all about EG, TSM, and Quincy Crew. However, there are some really interesting teams that came from Division 2, 5RATFORCESTAFF, for example. This is a full NA stack with new talented players looking to prove their worth in the professional scene.

Anyhow, betting in this region will most like come down to 3 important matches, EG vs TSM, EG vs Quincy Crew, and TSM vs Quincy Crew. Apart from that, you can freely bet on these three teams when they are playing against other teams in the group. Additionally, pay close attention to EG, as they got their old captain back, position 5 player named Fly. It was clear that EG was lacking coordination in fights, so Fly is here to salvage that.


Lastly, China is the region where everything can happen. We can clearly see that there are some really strong teams like PSG.LGD, EHOME, and Vici Gaming. When it comes to PSG.LGD, they didn’t change their lineup from the International. They know how to climb the ladder and beat everyone who stands in their way. Therefore, why change something that works well.

Apart from PSG.LGD, China is also full of other great teams with talented players. For example, Xtreme Gaming is a newly developed stack with Allstar China players like Paparazi, Old Eleven, and Dy. With such a strong lineup, it’s clear that this stack will go far. Therefore, make sure to bet on them early in the group stage, as they will definitely stomp other teams.


With everything said about the regions and teams, the only thing left is to choose a reliable bookie and start your betting journey. It’s a good idea to follow every team closely, look out for comfortable picks and bet on teams that have more experience in the DPC League.


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