ESL One Stockholm 2022 – DOTA 2 Major Tournament is upon us

With the end of DPC season 2, the first Major tournament in 2022 is coming with a surprising announcement. Namely, not a single China team will participate in the ESL One Stockholm Major DOTA 2 tournament this year.

There are several reasons behind this decision which we will cover later. Besides that, this Major tournament will have $500.000 prize and 3.530 DPC points that will be dividing between teams. So, let’s see exactly what’s going on with this tournament and which teams are favorites to take the victory home.

Quick look into the tournament format and schedule

First of all, this is a tournament with teams from all 6 regions, so we’re in for some quality DOTA as each region gave their best contestants. Four teams are coming from EU West, three teams are coming from EU East and Southeast Asia, and only two teams from NA and South America. We are missing 4 teams from China, since none of them got their visas approved for Sweden. Also, COVID-19 situation in China is going out of hand again which is creating more difficulties for their teams to travel and participate in offline events.

So, the first phase of this tournament will be the Group Stage. Since there are only 14 teams, the tournament organization decided to host 2 groups with top 4 teams going directly into the Upper Bracket Playoffs finals. Teams positioned 5th and 6th will go into the Lower Bracket where they will meet losers from the upper bracket. The first match starts on May 12th and it’s going to be EG vs Tundra. As for the panel, we’re set for amazing talents and commentators. Sheever and PyrionFlax will host this tournament and ODPixel, Fogged, SUNSfan, and others will cast matches. There will also be other talents in Russian, Chinese, Spanish and other languages.

Secure bets – Teams with high win-rate

When it comes to DOTA2 Majors, one thing is certain – Everything can happen! Therefore, prepare for some amazing games and bullet-proof strategies. Top EU teams will most certainly have a lot of advantage over CIS and Southeast Asia since there’re no China teams involved. Therefore, pay close attention to Team Liquid and OG, as they are definitely one of the strongest teams on the scene. Besides them, it’s a good idea to bet early on TSM, as they are definitely going to rock hard in the group stage. Their strange role composition is still a mystery to many teams so this will give them solid advantage in the early rounds of the tournament.

On top of that, the amazing Russian squad Team Spirit is also another great team to bet on. These guys have so strong discipline as their whole game is focused on skill. However, you need to follow them closely in the group stage in order to see their comfort picks for this patch. Otherwise, you might get a completely wrong idea on their play-style. All in all, DOTA 2 betting surely is interesting knowing that you can get a lot of money if you run statistics before every match.

Outsiders – Surprising factors

As we all know, Major tournaments are full of great teams from all regions. Therefore, no one is actually an outsider. However, some teams are proven to be worthy contesters for the throne while others have to struggle hard in order to claim it. One of those teams surely is Tundra Esports. They are looking super strong right now since as their DPC season run was huge success. Another great team to look out for is BOOM Esports. The team looks really interesting with a lot of new players that are emerging from the SEA region while being couched by the legendary old-school DOTA2 player Mushi.

Besides Tundra and BOOM Esports, there are also other strong teams, especially those coming from the South America. It’s known that South America teams have different approach to drafting and picking heroes. Therefore, they can be really hard to deal with. One of teams that go by this standard is beastcoast. They are already 3 years on the scene and on one yet know how to deal with them if they start to roll.

Possibly the most underappreciated team in the whole tournament surely is EG. They were NA giant once, but with the recent line up changes, they had a lot of troubles adjusting to the patch. However, they managed to emerge first in the NA region, thanks to the new tiebreaker rule. They were able to defeat TSM and Quincy Crew.


With everything going on lately in the DOTA 2 professional scene, it’s sure that this Major will be a blast. The new patch was released lately and all teams are adjusting slowly. Now, this is the best time to start enjoying DOTA 2 Major betting since most matches are usually quite interesting with strong teams dominating the scene.

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